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NFL Hall of Fame Finalist Jared Allen’s 2nd Sports Career Began as a Dare; Now He’s Going to the 2023 National Championship

Former NFL player Jared Allen struggled to control the curling broom at first, but he recently announced that he hit a personal milestone in the game. 

Produced by Digital Editors  •  15 Jan 2023
Drew Brees Pulls Back the Curtain on His Post-Football Life and What He Prioritizes as a Retired NFL Player

Four school-age kids and a charitable foundation are among Drew Brees’ priorities in retirement, but two more things are non-negotiable.

Produced by Digital Editors  •  08 Jan 2023
Which NFL Teams Have Turf Fields?

More and more NFL teams are choosing to utilize artificial turf on their fields rather than natural grass.

Produced by Digital Editors  •  01 Jan 2023
Do Turf Fields Really Cause More Injuries Than Grass Fields in the NFL?

While turf fields allow team owners to save money, many NFL players want owners and the league to prioritize health and safety.

Produced by Digital Editors  •  17 Dec 2022
What Is the Average Retirement Age of an NFL Player?

For the rank-and-file NFL player, being in the league when you turn 30 is an accomplishment in and of itself. So what’s the average retirement?

Produced by Digital Editors  •  13 Nov 2022
How Long Does It Take an NFL Player to Recover From an ACL Tear?

A torn ACL is particularly bad. And wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. knows how much this injury can affect an NFL career. 

Produced by Digital Editors  •  16 Oct 2022
Tua Tagovailoa Experienced the ‘Worst Thing Imaginable’ for an NFL Player’s Brain After His Concussion

Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is in an incredibly risky position of possible subsequent concussions — one of the worst situations imaginable for brain health.

Produced by Digital Editors  •  16 Oct 2022
LeBron James Launched His Own Media Company When the NBA Star Realized He Needs to Control His Own Narrative

With over $300 million earned from the NBA alone, LeBron James has used his platform and influence, including ‘Uninterrupted,’ to create content that tells his story in his own words.

Produced by Digital Editors  •  11 Sep 2022
Ohio State University Wins a Bizarre Fight That Will Benefit Its Legendary Football Team for Years to Come

Ohio State University has a peculiar way it likes to refer to itself. Recently, the university was embroiled in a legal battle over the name.

Produced by Digital Editors  •  24 Jul 2022
Savvy Investor Kevin Durant Is Profiting Off of More Than 40 Early-Stage Tech Startups

Kevin Durant’s golden touch applied to the investing arena has only added to his estimated net worth currently at $400 million and growing.

Produced by Digital Editors  •  26 Jun 2022