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What Is Stephen Curry’s Eat. Learn. Play Foundation?

In 2019, Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry founded Eat. Learn. Play. with his wife Ayesha to help children with exactly those actions.

Produced by Digital Editors  •  25 Jun 2022
12 Brands With Tom Brady Endorsement Deals

In addition to this success on the NFL field, Tom Brady has also achieved success through many brand partnerships.

Produced by Digital Editors  •  19 Jun 2022
6 Charities That Tom Brady Works With, and 1 He Founded

Here’s a look at the many charities Super Bowl champion Tom Brady works with, in addition to his own charity: the TB12 Foundation!

Produced by Digital Editors  •  14 Jun 2022
Re-Grading Deshaun Watson, Patrick Mahomes, and the 10 QBs Selected in the 2017 NFL Draft

The 2017 NFL Draft produced two great quarterbacks: Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson. So how would the QBs be picked if the draft happened again?

Produced by Digital Editors  •  14 May 2022
What Records Does Emmitt Smith Hold?

In his first season with the Dallas Cowboys, he rushed for 937 yards and made 11 touchdowns to clinch the Offensive Rookie of the Year honors. So, what records does Emmitt Smith hold? Let’s take a look.

Produced by Digital Editors  •  31 Oct 2021
The Touching Reason DeAndre Hopkins Gives His Mom the Ball After a Big Play

DeAndrew Hopkins gives his mom the ball after scoring so she can experience more of the game, as she was blinded in a brutal attack.

Produced by Digital Editors  •  30 Oct 2021
The Florida Gators Make $20 Million Annually From Gatorade but the University Could Be Making 2-3 Times More

The Florida Gators could be making more than $20 million per year from Gatorade had they played their cards right early on.

Produced by Digital Editors  •  12 Oct 2021
Which Quarterback Has the Strongest Arm in NFL History?

Arm strength is a crucial factor in a quarterback’s make-up. It can ruin a player’s career or enshrine them in the Hall of Fame.

Produced by Digital Editors  •  12 Sep 2021
How Much Money Do Kickers Make in the NFL?

NFL owners don’t take the role lightly since the value of a good kicker is high. The minimum average amount one earns is $610,000 per year.

Produced by Digital Editors  •  04 Sep 2021
Who Is the Highest-Paid NFL Player of All Time?

The highest paid NFL player of all time is Patrick Mahomes, and here are the top 10 richest players, too.

Produced by Digital Editors  •  30 Aug 2021