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Erin Culver

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Erin Culver is a contributing writer to Sportscasting.

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The Most Awkward Coin Toss in NFL History Ended with a Career-Ending Injury

Perhaps one of the weirdest NFL injuries ever happened during a coin toss in 1940 when Turk Edwards never recovered.

Erin Culver  •  23 Jan 2024
An Emotional Leonard Fournette Is ‘Thankful’ for the ‘Lesson’ He Learned on the Way to Super Bowl 55

Leonard Fournette’s legal problems made a path to the Super Bowl with the Buccaneers seem like an unlikely event. Now, he’s very thankful.

Erin Culver  •  07 Feb 2021
Aaron Rodgers Gave Matthew Stafford the Biggest Compliment Without Saying His Name

Despite the Packers and Lions’ long-standing rivalry, Aaron Rodgers gave credit where credit was due to Detroit quarterback Matthew Stafford.

Erin Culver  •  06 Feb 2021