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Irwin Nunez

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Irwin Nunez is a contributing writer for Sportscasting.

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How Many Brothers Does Peyton Manning Have?

Peyton Manning is part of one of the most famous football families of all time. Everybody knows Eli, but how many other brothers does Peyton have?

Irwin Nunez  •  14 Sep 2020
Barry Sanders Isn’t the Only Legendary NFL Running Back to Retire Early

When a great NFL player retires in their prime it can be quite shocking. Barry Sanders is just one of many examples of this.

Irwin Nunez  •  03 Aug 2020
An Inside Look at the Grueling Schedules of NFL Players After Game Day

It’s easy to think pro athletes are privileged millionaires, but even star NFL players have a weekly schedule they must follow.

Irwin Nunez  •  17 Mar 2020