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Scott Jenkins has contributed content with a focus on Sportscasting. He also occasionally contributes content to MotorBiscuit like how to pronounce Audi and other riveting automotive topics. Scott centers most of his writing for Sportscasting on the MLB and NFL, both of which he follows closely. (He's even got fantasy teams for both leagues each year.) He's more than halfway toward his goal of seeing a baseball game at all 30 MLB stadiums, and also checked off a bucket list item by attending a Texans-Packers matchup at Lambeau Field in 2016. (It was even complete with snowfall during the game, which was the icing on the cake.)

Articles by Scott Jenkins (43)

The Devastating Way Roy Jones Jr. Lost the Gold Medal at the 1988 Olympics

Boxer Roy Jones Jr. represented the U.S. at the 1988 Olympics Games. He expected to win gold but got cheated in a horrible way.

Scott Jenkins  •  12 Jul 2024
Patrick Mahomes’ Siblings: How Many Brothers and Sisters Does the QB Have?

Patrick Mahomes has three siblings, including Jackson Mahomes and two younger half-sisters.

Scott Jenkins  •  01 Sep 2023
Kurt Warner’s Rams Jersey Was No. 13 Because He Was ‘Never Dictated by Superstitions’

In his first season with the Rams, Kurt Warner wore jersey No. 10, but every other season he played in college or the NFL, he wore No. 13.

Scott Jenkins  •  11 Jul 2023
How Do Tour de France Cyclists Pee During the Race? Mark Cavendish Admits ‘It Warms Me Up’

Tour de France participants spend hours on their bikes every day, which begs the question, “How do cyclists pee during the Tour de France?

Scott Jenkins  •  03 Jul 2023
Deion Sanders Wants Journalists to ‘Get Out of the Way’ and Let NFL Players Decide Who Enters the Pro Football Hall of Fame

No one knows NFL personnel better than other players, so Deion Sanders believes they are the best arbiters of who is or isn’t a Hall of Famer.

Scott Jenkins  •  19 Jun 2023
Formula 1’s Most Preventable Death Could’ve Been Stopped by Simple Fire Safety Changes

Perhaps the most preventable death in Formula 1 history occurred in 1973. Simple changes to fire safety would’ve saved Roger Williamson.

Scott Jenkins  •  14 Jun 2023
Dan ‘Big Cat’ Katz Has Built an Impressive Net Worth From the Ground Up

Dan ‘Big Cat’ Katz has been a pioneer of the modern sports media landscape. How much is the beloved blogger and podcast host worth?

Scott Jenkins  •  14 Jun 2023
Magic Johnson Claims the Chicago Bulls Never Would’ve Got Michael Jordan if He Wasn’t Drafted to the Lakers

Magic Johnson claims that if he was drafted by the Chicago Bulls instead of the Los Angeles Lakers, the team never would’ve gotten Michael Jordan.

Scott Jenkins  •  08 Jun 2023
Tom Brady’s Next Big Move Won’t Occur Until 2024 as the Retired QB Takes a Gap Year to ‘Really Learn’

Like a recent high school graduate delaying college, Tom Brady is taking a gap year before he begins the next chapter of his career with Fox Sports.

Scott Jenkins  •  28 Feb 2023
What Benefits Do NFL Hall of Famers Receive?

Beyond getting a physical bust in Canton’s Pro Football Hall of Fame, being enshrined may not come with as many benefits as NFL players expect.

Scott Jenkins  •  14 Jan 2023