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Scott Jenkins

Scott Jenkins has contributed content for Endgame360 since 2019, with a focus on Sportscasting and Showbiz Cheat Sheet. Both build on his existing industry experience, since he’s been writing about sports since 2014 and covering the TV industry since 2006. He also occasionally contributes content to MotorBiscuit.

Scott centers most of his writing for Sportscasting on the MLB and NFL, both of which he follows closely. (He’s even got fantasy teams for both leagues each year.) He’s more than halfway toward his goal of seeing a baseball game at all 30 MLB stadiums, and also checked off a bucket list item by attending a Texans-Packers matchup at Lambeau Field in 2016. (It was even complete with snowfall during the game, which was the icing on the cake.)

As far as his Showbiz coverage goes, Scott has an insider view of the inner workings of TV, since his full-time job is working in the industry. He’s subscribed to several industry newsletters that give him the scoop on pilot pickups, renewals, cancellations, and the latest news for trending shows.

Scott earned his bachelor’s degree in atmospheric science from the University at Albany. See more from him on his personal portfolio.

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