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Will Pitts earned a master's degree in journalism from the University of Maryland in 2019 and joined Sportscasting in 2021. He covers the NFL, NBA, NASCAR, and IndyCar racing. Will's work has appeared on, The Hockey Writers, and The Big Lead, and he keeps his hand on the pulse of the latest sports news through social media and email newsletters.

Articles by William Pitts (25)

Tom Brady Once Snuck Onto the Campus of Notre Dame University and Got Himself Locked in the Stadium

Tom Brady was so willing to prepare for games that he once committed trespassing and got himself locked in Notre Dame Stadium for it.

William Pitts  •  29 Aug 2023
Mariano Rivera Saved a Teammate’s Life by Losing the 2001 World Series

If game seven of the 2001 World Series had gone the other way, Yankees infielder Enrique Wilson would not be here today.

William Pitts  •  05 Jul 2023
Why Are the Buffalo Bills Called the Bills?

The Buffalo Bills’ name actually predates the team itself and is coated in both history and irony. It all began with a naming contest.

William Pitts  •  03 Jul 2023
John Elway Once Had His Super Bowl MVP Car Stolen

The Super Bowl MVP is no longer awarded a free car. It’s just as well because not everyone who received one got to enjoy it.

William Pitts  •  27 Jun 2023
The San Francisco 49ers Once Went Through a Redesign So Disastrous It Lasted Less Than a Week

In February 1991, the San Francisco 49ers stealthily announced a major logo redesign, only to reverse course after massive fan backlash.

William Pitts  •  26 Jun 2023
The 1973 Indianapolis 500 Was So Tragic and Depressing It Took 3 Days to Finish

The Daytona 500 is often interrupted by rain but always produces excitement. The rain-shortened 1973 Indianapolis 500 did not.

William Pitts  •  21 Jun 2023
Floyd Little Made a Promise to Ernie Davis Before the Heisman Winner’s Tragic Death

One wonders how differently things would have turned out for Floyd Little were it not for his encounter with Ernie Davis.

William Pitts  •  20 Jun 2023
Why Doesn’t NASCAR Race In the Rain Like Every Other Series?

Other racing series, such as Formula One, have little problem with racing in the rain. So why not NASCAR?

William Pitts  •  14 Jun 2023
Dale Earnhardt’s Eldest Son Was Involved in a Fatal Crash Just Months After the NASCAR Legend’s Tragic Death

Dale Earnhardt Sr.’s tragic death over two decades ago was not the last time the Earnhardt family brushed with tragedy in 2001.

William Pitts  •  12 Jun 2023
The 1992 NFL Draft Class Might Have Been the Weakest in History

Rarely does a draft class produce underwhelming pick after underwhelming pick, but this happened to the NFL in 1992.

William Pitts  •  10 Jun 2023