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When you think of legendary New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, you think of a quiet, stoic, calculating figure who rarely shows or says his true feelings. Belichick plods the sideline each week with a cold and almost evil demeanor, and he never speaks above a grumbled whisper in his press conferences.

For as Mundane as Belichick’s personality is as a head coach, it would only make sense for his former job before football to be just as boring.

Bill Belichick is a future Hall of Famer

Bill Belichick’s coaching career isn’t even over yet, but he’s already a lock to join the Pro Football Hall of Fame when it’s all said and done. After all, he has the most Super Bowl rings of any coach in NFL history with six. No other head coach has even won five.

Belichick’s greatness extends far beyond his championship rings, though. His sustained success with the Patriots is something we’ve never seen before in the NFL. The head coach has led New England to 19 straight winning seasons. The Patriots won 10 games or more in 18 of those 19 seasons.

During that span, the Patriots have won 11 straight AFC East titles and 17 of the last 19. They reached the Super Bowl nine times and won six championships since Belichick took over the team in 2000.

Belichick has a unique personality

Most football coaches are loud, passionate beings who wear their emotions on their sleeves. Aside from the occasional outburst toward a referee or after a missed assignment, Belichick never lets his feelings show.

Most football fans see Belichick as a cold, heartless coach who’s rude to reporters and players, but the reality is the man just loves football. If you aren’t interested in talking football with Belichick, he isn’t interested in talking to you.

Belichick constantly looks angry during his press conferences because they’re taking precious time away from his weekly preparation. All he cares about is winning football games, so he comes off as dull and boring.

Bill Belichick’s job before football was just as mundane as his personality


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It’s hard to imagine Belichick doing anything other than coaching football, but he used to have a blue-collar job just like the rest of us. Belichick was actually a waiter in his former life.

The head coach spoke about his favorite meals and his past occupation with Ordway Merloni and Fauria on WEEI earlier this season.

“Well, first of all, I let [Belichick’s girlfriend] Linda do most of the cooking,” Belichick said. “Being in the COVID situation she did a lot of it this year and she did a great job. She really stepped up and put some great healthy and creative meals on the table. But, if I had to put something together, I would go probably back to my old waitering days and have a Caesar salad, grill a steak, and put together the Crepes Suzette. … You got to have the crepes, I wouldn’t make the crepes, but as long as you have the crepes, the strawberries and the orange and the flambé and all that. I learned to do that at Middleton’s restaurant that I worked at in Annapolis. We had to make that at the table and try not to set the customers on fire. It was pretty good.”

So, if a Patriots player does something to get on Belichick’s bad side, they can whip up some crepes to remind him of his days as a waiter. That’ll surely put a smile on his face.