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Erk Spoelstra Wife Reaction Contract Extension

Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra received a massive contract extension on Tuesday afternoon. As a result, his ex-wife been subjected to internet trolls and targeted harassment online.

Nikki Sapp, who married Erik in 2016, responded to their comments via Instagram on Wednesday. She is hopeful that people, in general, will choose kindness toward others moving forward because they were especially brutal in wake of her NBA ex-husband’s new deal with the Miami Heat.

The comments have been brutal. They have targeted her for Spoelstra’s financial standing, saying things like “way to fumble the bag.”

Sapp finally snapped back at the hate after being berated for nearly 24 hours. Understandably so.

She began by addressing the comments about the timing of the extension.

“Lol. I’m going to address this comment NOT as it pertains to my personal life choices but as it relates to general thought process that I believe a lot of people have, and that a lot of people have harassed me with over the years.”

The focus then shifted to women who marry wealthy men and how they are perceived in relation to society.

“According to crass, ignorant, uniformed society at large, women can’t ‘win.’ Women can’t be genuinely in love with someone successful. No, they’re pretending and they’re in it for the money. And if a woman chooses to not be with a successful partner, apparently she’s an idiot.”

To close, Sapp directed her attention to the people who continue to harass her — and other women in similar positions and situations.

“And no, I won’t ignore it. IgNoRiNg iT (harassment) for years messed with my emotional health and people need to have a better understand of how their words can affect other people. Not just me. But people. In general. Be nicer.”

Erik Spoelstra, who is one of the best coaches in NBA history, received a large contract extension shortly after a divorce. That should not reflect on his ex-wife. Leave her alone!