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eSports have been on the rise lately as more and more gamers are finding success in the space. The days of playing video games for fun are over. Nowadays, professional gamers are earning millions of dollars playing Fortnite or other games competitively. The most famous of these eSports athletes is none other than Tyler Blevins, better known as Ninja. Blevins has been at the forefront of the eSports boom for the last few years. His success in the video game world has led to a massive net worth.

Ninja has been a professional gamer for over 10 years

Tyler Blevins has become famous recently for his work with Fortnite, but he actually started his gaming career in 2009 playing Halo 3. Ninja was just 16 years old when he started playing in professional tournaments.

In 2011, Ninja started streaming for playing H1Z1. He eventually moved over to and started streaming PUBG. His love of battle royale games led him to find Fortnite in 2017. That’s when his career took off.

Blevins quickly became the most popular Fortnite streamer in the world. In 2018, he broke the record for most live viewers when he hosted a game with Drake, Travis Scott, and Juju Smith-Schuster.

In 2019, Ninja signed a megadeal with Mixer to stream exclusively on its platform.

Ninja earns $500,000 per month playing video games

Most parents restrict their children’s video game habits because it’s not as healthy as exercising or studying their schoolwork. Well, maybe they’ll change their minds after seeing what Ninja makes playing video games all day.

That’s right, Blevins makes over $500,000 per month streaming video games. He has over 23 million YouTube subscribers, and he went over 1 million subscribers on Mixer after just five days on the platform.

Most of Ninja’s wealth comes from his online content and endorsements. He’s only won $270,000 from professional tournaments throughout his career. Last year was his most successful as a competitor, as he earned over $80,000 from six tournaments in 2019.

In April of 2018, Ninja had more social media interactions than LeBron James, Shaquille O’Neal, and Cristiano Ronaldo. His popularity, and his wallet, has only grown since then.

What is Ninja’s net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Ninja’s net worth is $20 million. The superstar gamer is only 28 years old, so that figure will only rise in the coming years. Ninja has stated that he wants to become the first streamer to earn $10 million per year playing video games. He’s not that far off today.

Blevins isn’t selfish with his wealth in the slightest, either. He’s constantly orchestrating charitable events through his stream and giving back to those less fortunate. In February of 2018, he ran a charity stream with hopes of raising $25,000 for suicide awareness after he lost a friend to the cause. After a few hours, Ninja raised over $100,000.

In total, Ninja has raised and donated millions of dollars for charity throughout his career. He’s a model celebrity who uses his massive wealth for good.