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How much would you pay for a personal dinner with Tom Brady? A couple thousand dollars? Maybe $100,000 if you have the money? One superfan just dropped $800,000 for a night out with the NFL superstar. And no, it wasn’t a rich banker or a successful lawyer or even an adult at all. The fan who paid almost a million dollars to hang out with Brady for a night is a 25-year-old YouTuber.

Tom Brady joined the ALL IN Challenge to help feed the hungry

The ALL IN Challenge is a charitable movement powered by Fanatics with the goal of feeding the hungry during the COVID-19 pandemic. Celebrities from across the country have joined the challenge recently, and Tom Brady is one of them.

The challenge allows famous actors, musicians, and athletes to auction off personal items or chances to spend time with celebrities. Everything from a Tiger Woods putting lesson to Robert Kraft’s Super Bowl ring has been auctioned off for charity.

Brady went a different route with his prize package. He offered one lucky bidder tickets to a Buccaneers home game, his personal jersey and cleats from the game, and a one-on-one dinner.

Unsurprisingly, Brady’s package garnered the highest bid of any offer so far for the ALL IN Challenge — $800,000.

The winner of the Brady prize package is a 25-year-old YouTuber

When you hear about someone dropping a cash amount that large, you immediately think it has to be a rich celebrity. Although YouTube personalities might not be the typical template for a rich celebrity, Logan Thirtyacre sure is.

Thirtyacre, who’s more commonly known as SuperBowserLogan, has millions of YouTube subscribers across multiple channels. His success on the platform is so prevalent that he was once making close to $1 million per month in YouTube revenue, according to TMZ Sports.

With that kind of cash flow, $800,000 doesn’t even seem like an issue for Thirtyacre, especially if it’s for a good cause. Thirtyacre is also a huge Brady fan. His room is decked out in Brady and Patriots paraganglia. Now, Thirtyacre has switched his allegiance to the Buccaneers.

Thirtyacre told TMZ Sports he was willing to pay $2 million for the chance to meet Brady in person. With that information, $800,000 seems like a bargain.

You can join the ALL IN Challenge today

Maybe you don’t have $800,000 on hand right now, but you can still take part in the ALL IN Challenge today. Most of the prize packages involve sweepstakes that you can win by donating a mere $10.

There are close to 100 sweepstakes still available on the ALL In Challenge website. You can bid on tickets to the Iron Bowl, a PUMA shopping spree with Kyle Kuzma, and a chance to have Kevin Love design your very own home basketball gym.

Fanatics owner Michael Rubin is even offering the chance to win season tickets to your favorite sports team for five years. He’s also adding a $100,000 gift card to the Fanatics website.

A day with Tom Brady may have been already taken by an unlikely bidder, but there is still a plethora of incredible prizes to win. Even if you don’t become a lucky winner, you’ll be donating to a great cause. Thirtyacre sure is, and he’s getting the prize of a lifetime to hang out with a future Hall-of-Fame QB.