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Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather has a reported net worth in excess of $500 million. With that fortune, Mayweather has made more than his share of expensive purchases through the years. In addition to buying big-ticket items, he has developed a reputation as someone who likes to gamble and make eye-popping wagers. Last week he lived up to that reputation when he placed a six-figure bet on the Green Bay Packers-San Francisco 49ers game. 

Floyd Mayweather’s money and purchases

During his career on his way to amassing an unblemished 50-0 record, Floyd Mayweather has gotten paid. According to a report in Forbes last year, Mayweather ranked as the top highest-paid athlete of the decade, earning a staggering amount of $915 million.

Mayweather has never shied away from spending that money, and he’s never been shy telling others about his notorious spending sprees. He has admitted to owning more than 100 cars, and some of them come with hefty price tags, including his Bugatti Veyron, which reportedly costs more than a million dollars. He has three. 

In addition to cars, he enjoys spending his money on luxury watches, as well as multi-million dollar homes. He bought a $25 million home in Beverly Hills back in 2017. A year later, he bought a $10 million home in Las Vegas. 

However, in all of those purchases, when he spends his hard-earned money, he has something to show for it. That’s not always the case in gambling. 

Mayweather’s lengthy betting history

Through the years, Floyd Mayweather has placed bets of extraordinary amounts. In November 2012, he bet on a college football game between Oregon and Arizona State. He later confirmed he earned a profit of $1 million. 

A couple of years later, Mayweather acknowledged he had wagered on an NFL game between the Denver Broncos and the New York Jets. He reportedly won $600,000. 

While he’s understandably willing to share his wins, he’s more reluctant to discuss the losses. One of his biggest losses came at the Super Bowl in 2014 between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks. 

Floyd Mayweather reportedly wagered somewhere north of $12 million on the Broncos, and had to do so with two different agencies because the amounts were so large. The Seahawks prevailed and Mayweather lost all of that money.  

Mayweather bets on Green Bay and wins massive green 

Floyd Mayweather may have been out of boxing for years, but it hasn’t slowed his gambling or the size of his bets. Last week, in the Thursday night matchup between Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers against a depleted San Francisco 49ers squad, Mayweather bet $200,000 on the Packers.

The Packers won 34-17, and Mayweather pocketed a cool $166,000. On Instagram, he posted, “To get the green, you have to bet on GREEN.” 

Clearly, Floyd Mayweather has an affinity for betting on Green Bay. With the Packers currently at 6-2, sitting atop the NFL North division, and another potential deep run in the playoffs looking more likely, expect Mayweather to make more wagers the rest of the season. Whether or not we hear about it all depends on if he wins or loses.