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When the MLB finalized its 60-game schedule and prorated salary structure for the 2020 season, New York Yankees pitcher Gerrit Cole was one of the players hit the hardest. Cole’s $36 million 2020 salary immediately dipped to $13.3 million. He shouldn’t feel all that bad, though. It turns out Cole will make more money with the Yankees in 2020 than his old team’s entire 30-man roster.

Gerrit Cole saw his salary drop from $36 million to $13.6 million

When Gerrit Cole signed his nine-year, $324 million contract with the Yankees this offseason, he was delighted to see the $36 million coming his way in 2020. Well, that was until COVID-19 flipped the sports world on its head.

The MLB, like every other American sports league, was forced to make drastic changes to its 2020 season. Those changes included a shortened regular season, a whole new schedule, and prorated salaries.

After the prorated salary structure went into effect, Cole saw his 2020 salary dip from $36 million to $13.3 million. Although it’s still a large figure, no one wants to see their yearly salary cut by more than half. Cole earned his massive contract after a dominant stint with the Houston Astros, and he deserves the $36 million he signed for.

Even though his salary took a huge hit, Cole will still be one of the richest players in the MLB this season. So rich, in fact, that he’ll earn more than the entire Pittsburgh Pirates roster.

Gerrit Cole will earn more money in 2020 than the entire Pirates roster

Cole’s $13.3 million salary this season might disappoint him, but most players would kill for a prorated salary that high. Just ask the Pirates. If you combined every salary from all 30 players on Pittsburgh’s roster, it’s still less than what Cole will earn in 2020.

The Pirates’ 30-man payroll currently stands at just $12.1 million, which is more than $1 million less than Cole will earn himself.

Just six Pirates are set to earn more than $1 million this season. Josh Bell leads the way at $4.8 million, with Trevor Williams and Adam Frazier not far behind at $2.8 million.

More than half of Pittsburgh’s 30-man roster will make less than $600,000 this season. Cole will make more than that for every game he pitches.

Cole will still earn more than $1 million per start with a prorated salary

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The Yankees Will Need More Than Gerrit Cole to Save This Pitching Staff

In MLB’s new 60-game season, Gerrit Cole will make approximately 12 starts for the Yankees in the regular season. If he even reaches that number, Cole will earn more than $1 million per start in 2020. Not too shabby for a few hours of work.

While Cole is lucky enough to be on the Yankees payroll, most players aren’t so fortunate. Josh Bell was one of the most prolific RBI machines in the league last season, and he can’t even field $5 million from the Pirates.

Any player on the Pirates would be thrilled to see half of Cole’s prorated salary. Although he’s losing a ton of money this year, Cole will still earn more money than an entire 30-man roster.