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Making a hole in one is a feat most amateur golfers can only dream of accomplishing. As it turns out, hitting a tiny, white ball the length of a football field into a hole the size of your fist isn’t easy. Some of the greatest golfers in the world will never make an ace in their lifetime. Tiger Woods, who’s hit thousands and thousands of tee shots on the PGA Tour, has only made three in his professional career.

As hard as making a hole in one is even for professional players, making two in the same round is nearly impossible. So, has anyone ever made two aces in one round before?

You have a 67 million to 1 chance of making two aces in the same round

The odds of making a hole in one in your lifetime is 12,000 to 1. For PGA Tour players, it’s more like 3,000 to 1. But when you throw in another hole in one in the same round, the odds shoot up to 67 million to 1.

You have a better chance of being struck by lightning in your life than making two holes in one in a single round. The feat might be the hardest to achieve in all of sports. Besides the Browns winning another Super Bowl, of course (sorry Cleveland fans).

Three PGA Tour players have made two holes in one in the same round

Amazingly, three professional golfers players have recorded two aces in the same round on the PGA Tour. How’s that for 67 million to 1?

In 1955, Bill Whedon accomplished the feat in the first round of the Insurance City Open at Wethersfield Country Club. Whedon aced the 168-yard fifth hole, then did it again at the 208-yard ninth. While most golfers never make a hole in one in their life, Whedon made two in the span of one hour that day.

It took more than 50 years to see another round with two holes in one on the PGA Tour, but we finally got one again in 2006. In the second round of the Reno-Tahoe Open, Yusaku Miyazato made two aces on the 230-yard seventh hole and the 173-yard 12th at Montreux Golf and Country Club.

Nine years later, lefty Brian Harman accomplished the feat in the fourth round of The Barclays. Harman aced the third hole and the 14th hole at Plainfield Country Club, making history in the process.

Si Woo Kim nearly made two aces in one round at the 2020 Wyndham Championship


Who Holds the Record for Most Holes in One in PGA Tour History?

No PGA Tour player has made two holes in one in a round since Harman in 2015, but we had a close call at the 2020 Wyndham Championship. Si Woo Kim made an ace at the third hole and lipped out his tee shot on the 12th later in the round.

Kim would’ve become the fourth player to ever make two holes in one in a single round, but he’ll have to settle for one ace and a tap-in birdie.

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