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Making a hole in one might be the toughest task for any professional athlete. Every MLB player can hit a home run, even pitchers. Every NBA player can hit a half-court shot. And if they wanted to, every NFL player could score a touchdown. However, not every golfer can make a hole in one. Professionals can go their entire careers without making a single hole in one. Some players are lucky enough to make multiple holes in one on the PGA Tour, but who has made the most, and how many was it?

How many holes in one does Tiger Woods have?

Tiger Woods may be the greatest golfer of all time, but he doesn’t have the most holes in one in PGA Tour history. He might’ve been the youngest to make a hole-in-one, though.

Woods made his first ace when he was just six years old. He’s made numerous aces in his life, but he doesn’t have a large amount as a professional.

Over his PGA Tour career, Woods has made just three aces. That shows just how hard it is to make a hole in one, especially on Tour courses. Woods is arguably the best golfer in the history of the world, but he only has three PGA Tour aces to his name.

2 players are tied for the most holes in one in PGA Tour history

There isn’t just one golfer that holds the record for most holes in one in PGA Tour history. It’s actually two players tied at the top. Robert Allenby and Hal Sutton are tied for the most aces in Tour history with 10. No one else has reached double digits.

Allenby won four times on the PGA Tour during his career. He still plays professionally today at the age of 48. If he can make one more ace on Tour, he’ll take the top spot by himself.

Sutton won 14 times on Tour, including two wins at The Players. He’s most famous for his “be the right club today!” moment on the 18th hole of TPC Sawgrass in 2000. It turned out to be the right club, and Sutton went on to win the tournament over a charging Tiger Woods.

One amateur golfer made 59 holes in one in his lifetime

Although Allenby and Sutton hold the record for most aces on the PGA Tour, one man blows them away in career holes in one.

Norman Manley, a golfer from California, made an incredible 59 holes in one in his lifetime. What’s even more impressive is Manley’s aces came in a 15-year span from 1964-1979.

Either Manley is the luckiest golfer in history, or he’s an extremely convincing liar. Either way, 59 holes in one will likely never be bested.

All stats courtesy of National Hole in One Insurance


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