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Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been one of the best boxers of all-time. His talent runs in the family, though, as his dad Floyd Mayweather Sr. also had a successful career in boxing. It is clear that Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been the better boxer when comparing their two careers, but how do their net worths compare? Spoiler alert: they are both pretty wealthy.

Floyd Mayweather Sr. had a nice boxing career

Floyd Mayweather Sr. was a pretty successful boxer before Floyd Mayweather Jr. was even in the picture of the boxing world. He had 35 professional bouts in his career, starting in 1974 with a win over Ron Pettigrew, according to BoxRec.

Mayweather Sr. started 4-0 in his career before losing to Tyrone Phelps in May 1975. However, Mayweather Sr. then got revenge over Phelps as he defeated him in a fight just a couple of months later. He then ultimately started his career an impressive 15-1 but lost to boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard in September 1978, according to BoxRec.

In his career, Mayweather Sr. ultimately had a 28-6-1 record. He also was a two-time Michigan Golden Gloves champion, and The Ring Magazine ranked him as the fifth welterweight boxer in the world in 1977, according to BoxRec.

As a trainer, Mayweather Sr. has trained his son, Oscar De La Hoya, Joan Guzman, Chad Dawson, Ricky Hatton, Vernon Paris, and Chris Eubank Jr., according to BoxRec. He was also named Trainer of the Year by the World Boxing Hall of Fame in 2003, 2006, and 2008.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been one of the greatest boxers ever

While his father had a nice career, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has had an excellent career. He is one of the greatest boxers of all-time. 

Starting his professional career in 1996, Mayweather Jr. has a 50-0 record. He is the fourth boxer to win a world title in five weight divisions, according to BoxRec. He is also the second boxer to win a lineal title in four weight divisions. Additionally, Mayweather Jr. holds the record for most world titles held simultaneously, and shares the record for most world titles won with Evander Holyfield.

Mayweather Jr. last fought Conor McGregor in August 2017 and retired for the third time after the win, according to BoxRec. However, many have speculated if he will come out of retirement again.

Because of all of his great success in the ring, Mayweather Jr. has earned a lot of money. Forbes ranked him No. 1 on their list of highest-paid athletes of the 2010s as he made $915 million. 

How do their net worths compare?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has had a great boxing career. Floyd Mayweather Sr. was a decent boxer and is a great trainer. What are their net worths?
Floyd Mayweather Jr. (from right) poses with his father Floyd Mayweather Sr., after he wins a fight against Sam Girard in 1998. | The Ring Magazine via Getty Images

Floyd Mayweather’s Painful Upbringing Helped Make Him the Man He Is Today

Floyd Mayweather Sr.’s life as a boxer and one of the greatest boxing trainers of all-time has made him a pretty wealthy man. Celebrity Net Worth estimates that he is worth $10 million. 

However, his net worth, much like his boxing career, does not even come close to that of his son’s. Celebrity Net Worth estimates that Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s net worth is $505 million. That is a ton of money. 

Floyd Mayweather Sr. had a decent career as a boxer but has since had an excellent career as a trainer. He ultimately passed on his talents to his son, who just took the family name to a whole other level. This has ultimately led to both of them making a lot of money, but just like his boxing career, Mayweather Jr. took his wealth to just a completely different level than his dad’s. 

The two have still both definitely been successful in their lives, and they are both very wealthy men. If Mayweather Jr. ever comes out of retirement again, though, that wealth will just continue to grow.