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The Philadelphia Eagles have been one of the most consistently successful NFL franchises of the 21st century. Although a number of moving pieces have contributed to that success over the years, one man has been at the forefront of it all the entire time: team owner Jeffrey Lurie.

Since Lurie bought the franchise in 1994, the Eagles have won 10 NFC East titles, reached seven NFC Championship Games, and won their first Super Bowl title in 2017. The 71-year-old has proven to be one of the best owners in the NFL today, and he’s also one of the richest. So, what is Jeffrey Lurie’s net worth, and how did he make all his money?

How did Jeffrey Lurie make his money?

Jeffrey Lurie celebrates after the NFC Championship.
Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie lifts the George Halas Trophy after the NFC Championship Game | Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

Before becoming the owner of the Eagles, Lurie was a scholar looking to break into the business world in the 1970s. He earned three college degrees — a B.A. from Clark University, a master’s degree in psychology from Boston University, and a doctorate in social policy from Brandeis University.

After finishing up his studies, Lurie became an adjunct assistant professor of social policy at Boston University. Eventually, he left the teaching world to become an executive at General Cinema Corporation, the film company founded by his grandfather, Phillip Smith. In 1985, he founded Chestnut Hill Productions and started making a name for himself in Hollywood. Lurie has produced a plethora of movies, television shows, and documentaries over the years, and he’s won three Academy Awards as an executive producer.

In 1993, Lurie attempted to buy the New England Patriots because he was a fan of Boston sports growing up. When that dream fell through, he took out a loan and decided to purchase the Eagles for $185 million in 1994, per Forbes. The franchise is worth a whopping $4.9 billion today.

Yeah, it’s safe to say that was a wise investment.

Jeffrey Lurie net worth

Lurie was already wealthy before he became the owner of the Eagles, but his net worth has exploded in the last 29 years. As of 2023, Jeffrey Lurie’s net worth is $4.4 billion, per Forbes. As of April 2022, Lurie was the 15th-richest owner in the NFL.

The Eagles Chairman and CEO already brought the franchise its first Super Bowl victory in 2017, and he’ll go for No. 2 this Sunday in Super Bowl 57.


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