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The season-long race to the FedEx Cup title has been a hotly debated topic in the golf world for years. In the current format, points are heavily weighted to the three playoff events, and the final 30 players in the standings start the TOUR Championship with staggered scores.

This format hasn’t been a favorite among many PGA Tour players, especially World No. 5 Jon Rahm. In a recent press conference, Rahm spoke for a majority of the PGA Tour by calling the FedEx Cup point system “absolutely ludicrous.”

The current FedEx Cup Playoffs are severely flawed

Jon Rahm hits a drive.
Jon Rahm plays a tee shot during the final round of the BMW Championship at Wilmington Country Club | Rob Carr/Getty Images

The FedEx Cup race spans an entire season on the PGA Tour, but it sure doesn’t feel that way. All that matters is cracking the top 30 in the standings by the end of the playoffs. Then, all you need to do is win the TOUR Championship to take home the FedEx Cup title and the $18 million prize.

To give the top-ranked players an advantage, the Tour implemented a staggered scoring system for the TOUR Championship in 2019. The No. 1 seed in the FedEx Cup Playoffs starts the postseason finale at 10 under par. No. 2 starts at 8 under, No. 3 starts at 7 under, No. 4 starts at 6 under, No. 5 starts at 5 under, and the rest of the players are grouped in fives all the way down to even par. From there, the winner of the TOUR Championship takes home the FedEx Cup title.

It’s not a horrible system, but it almost renders the entire season meaningless. In theory, a player could win every single event in the regular season and miss out on the FedEx Cup title if he has a bad week at East Lake.

The current system rewards the hottest player at the end of the season, not the best and most consistent player over the entire year.

Rahm, like many other PGA Tour players, is ready for a change.

Jon Rahm isn’t a fan of the FedEx Cup point system


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Ahead of the BMW Championship, Rahm spoke to reporters from Wilmington Country Club and divulged his true feelings on the FedEx Cup point system. Spoiler alert: He isn’t a fan.

“I don’t think it’s the best system,” Rahm said. “You don’t get to the Super Bowl and the team with the better record starts with a two-touchdown advantage. I think it’s absolutely ludicrous, but it’s the best choice we have right now. Or (Novak) Djokovic didn’t have a one-set advantage over (Nick) Kyrgios at Wimbledon. I understand that’s how the playoffs are made and I understand it’s easier for the viewers and us to know what’s going on.

“I think — listen, I’ve been told different things. One of the main things is the Patriots make it to the Super Bowl, they don’t win the Super Bowl. My response is always they finish second. I think it’s ludicrous that you can win every event of the year to that point, you have a bad week and you can finish 30th. I don’t think that’s fair, but it is what it is.”

Rahm isn’t the only PGA tour pro who feels this way. Matt Fitzpatrick and even reigning FedEx Cup champion Patrick Cantlay were critical of the playoff system this week.

But if any of those three win the TOUR Championship next weekend and secure the $18 million FedEx Cup check, they won’t be too upset with the format.

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