Skip to main content has analyzed Instagram data to see which top NFL rookies have added the most followers since the NFL Draft.

Key Highlights:

  • Bills’ rookie WR Keon Coleman has grown his Instagram by over 264,000 followers (134%) since the NFL Draft
  • Rome Odunze (+179%) and Drake Maye (143%) have experienced the biggest percentage growth
  • Coleman has also grown his Twitter presence by over 27,000 followers since being drafted

Buffalo Bills rookie wide receiver Keon Coleman has been responsible for some memorable quotes and viral moments since being selected with the No. 33 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

The Bills’ rookie has increased his Instagram following by 134% since being drafted, gaining over 264,000 followers, nearly twice as much as any other rookie during that span.

Find out which NFL rookies have gained the most Instagram followers and the rate at which they’ve grown their following since the NFL Draft.

Bills’ rookie WR Keon Coleman has grown his Instagram following by 134% since the NFL Draft

Keon Coleman Instagram Growth
Date Followers
Apr 24 197,748
May 15 462,463
Net Change +264,715
% Change +133.86%

Coleman has been one of the biggest stories in the NFL since being drafted at the beginning of the second round.

The former Florida State wide receiver has consistently delivered viral moments in interviews, from his gameday diet to winter coats and dubbing himself Tiger “Wish-He-Could” on the golf course.

As a result, the Bills’ rookie has become something of a social media star, growing his Instagram following by 134% since the NFL Draft.

On April 24th, Coleman had 197,748 Instagram followers, but that number has since jumped to 462,463, a gain of 264,715 followers in just three weeks.

Rome Odunze (+179%) and Drake Maye (143%) have experienced biggest percentage growth

Player Followers Gained Total Followers % Change
Keon Coleman 264,715 462,463 134%
Drake Maye 135,773 230,989 143%
Caleb Williams 119,955 433,852 38%
Rome Odunze 111,228 173,289 179%
JJ McCarthy 76,613 541,067 16%
Malik Nabers 73,157 177,101 70%
Bo Nix 72,098 342,817 27%
Jayden Daniels 61,395 275,414 29%
Michael Penix Jr. 31,885 137,970 30%
Marvin Harrison Jr. 31,520 451,315 8%

To put things into perspective, Coleman has added more than twice as many followers as Chicago Bears’ QB and No. 1 overall pick Caleb Williams (+119,955) and more than four times than No. 2 pick Jayden Daniels (+61,395).

In fact, he’s added nearly 2x as many followers as the next-highest player (Drake Maye, +135,773) and ranks third among the top draft picks in terms of percentage growth.

Only Maye (+143%) and Rome Odunze (+179%) have grown their Instagram followers at a higher rate than Coleman since being drafted.

Michael Penix Jr. (+31,885) and Marvin Harrison Jr. (+31,520) were among the players who had the lowest growth among the top NFL Draft picks.

Bills’ rookie has also grown his presence on X by over 27,000 followers during that span

Keon Coleman Twitter Growth
Date Followers
Apr 24 20,029
May 15 47,592
Net Change +27,563
% Change +137.62%

Coleman’s social media growth hasn’t just been limited to Instagram.

The 6-foot-4 wideout has also expanded his reach on X, formerly Twitter, where his following has grown by an astounding 137.6%.

He’s added 27,563 followers since the NFL Draft and suddenly has over 47,500 followers on X.