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A New York bettor was allegedly attacked because DraftKings leaked his personal information

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In Long Island City, a man is accusing DraftKings of leaking his information. That led to the man allegedly being assaulted. The plaintiff in this case is known as John Doe. He explained that in March 2023, a man threatened to kill Mr. Doe if he did not pay $500,000 to Gadoon Kyrollos. A commonly known professional sports bettor who goes by “Spanky”. Doe has a VIP account on DraftKings and he says his information was leaked. That’s despite him trying to warn DraftKings about his account being in jeopardy. Mr. Doe claims that DraftKings told him there would be increased security on his account. 

However, DraftKings stated on Tuesday that they’re trying to get this case dismissed in the next few days. They had this to say.

DraftKings has found no evidence of anyone at DraftKings providing plaintiff’s information to a third-party, and DraftKings denies acknowledging any such ‘security breach’. Nor has DraftKings uncovered any improper activity by a DraftKings employee, or any activity on plaintiff’s account, relating to the allegedly unauthorized change of the email address associated with plaintiff’s DraftKings account.”

The John Doe in this case may be the filing attorney

According to SBC Americas, the filing attorney Steve Jacobs may be the John Doe in this case. Mr. Jacobs was sued by a man named Oscar Jones for allegedly defrauding him out of almost $500,000. This was due to a prior agreement where Jones gave money to Jacobs to win at DraftKings. Then, the two men would split the winnings that Jacobs made. Jacobs told Jones that his DraftKings account was suspended and he was unwilling to sign the paperwork needed to get their payout. 

Since the attack, Mr.Jacobs has not lived the same way. He’s in constant fear, even when he’s inside his own home. His life in New York has changed drastically. The police advised Jacobs to not go outside alone at night time or in remote areas. Additionally, he’s had to use alternate entrances and exits in his daily life. He claims to still be suffering from “severe emotional damage”.

DraftKings would not say how Jacobs’ information was leaked

An email from DraftKings support stated that they received a request to change Mr. Jacob’s account email address. That happened on October 2, 2023. There was no real reason for the request to be granted. Suggesting that either someone manually let this happen or DraftKings is neglecting their company procedures.