Aaron Rodgers Sets Timeline For Retirement While Accepting Disappointing 2023 Fate After Jets Eliminated From Playoffs

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Aaron Rodgers Retire Jets
Aaron Rodgers Retire Jets
Old dog, new tricks?

Aaron Rodgers is not going to play another game for the Jets this season. All of the smoke about his potential return to the lineup was much ado about nothing. Especially after New York was eliminated from the playoffs.

Rodgers set the record straight about his future during his weekly Tuesday appearance on the Pat McAfee Ahow. It extends well beyond this season. Just not this season.

“If I was 100 percent today, I’d definitely be pushing to play,” Rodgers said. “But the fact is, I’m not.”

Although a miraculous comeback is off the table, for Aaron Rodgers to be on the field at all is impressive. He tore his Achilles on Sept. 11 and got surgery later that week. It usually takes a full year to make a return.

To even talk about playing again in 2023 was insane. His recent presence on the field during practice is a testament to modern technology, the “speed bridge” surgery and Rodgers’ will to prove science wrong.

In the end, it was not possible to push things any further. However, this is not the last you have seen of him!

Aaron Rodgers signed a two-year deal with the Jets after spending the entirety of his career with the Packers. The end of his contract will not mark the end of his career. Or so he said.

“When I came here, I got kind of a renewed passion and love for the game and everything has been amazing here: the relationships I’ve gotten to form with my teammates and the amazing men and women that work here […] I’ve wanted at least two years.”

Two years to Rodgers means two years on the field. Not in general.

“I feel like this is kind of a lost year. I only played a couple of snaps and wasn’t able to go out there and prove what I was capable of and see what we’re capable of as a team. And I don’t think next year will be my last year.”

Rodgers just turned 40 years old at the beginning of the month. Age is but a number.

“I feel I can play more years and be effective in my 40s, which is crazy because I thought I would probably be sitting on the coach somewhere at 40,” Rodgers laughed. “But now I want to be a starter at 40, I want to be a starter at 41. See what I can get out of this body.”

There you have it!

Aaron Rodgers is not going to play another game this NFL season. He wants to play at least 24 more.