Bronny James Signs Four-Year, $7.9M Rookie Deal With Lakers

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Bronny James Signs 4-Year, $7.9M Rookie Deal With Los Angeles Lakers

Bronny James signed a four-year, $7.9 million contract with the Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday, reaching his rookie deal on the same day LeBron James agreed to an extension with the team. Barring injuries, this guarantees the first father-son duo in NBA history.

Los Angeles Lakers rookie guard Bronny James has a 2027-28 team option worth $2,486,955 in his contract

Per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Bronny James’ contract begins at $1,157,143 in 2024-25 and increases to $1,955,377 the following year, $2,296,271 in 2026-27, and $2,486,955 for a team option in 2027-28.

The Lakers announced Wednesday that they had signed Bronny James, the No. 55 pick from last week’s draft, and Dalton Knecht, the No. 17 pick in the draft, without disclosing terms.

James, who turns 20 on Oct. 6, averaged 4.8 points at USC on 36.6% shooting from the floor and 26.7% shooting from 3-point range. He also averaged 2.8 rebounds, 2.1 assists, and 19.3 minutes per game after undergoing a heart procedure last summer.

Lakers vice president of basketball operations and general manager Rob Pelinka praised James’ athleticism and work ethic as a point-of-attack defender.

New Lakers coach JJ Redick said recently that James will be a top priority with the team’s revamped player development program.

“We view Bronny as [a] Case Study One because [of] his base level of feel, athleticism, point-of-attack defender, shooting, passing,” Redick said.

“There’s a lot to like about his game, and as we build out our player development program holistically, he’s going to have a great opportunity to become an excellent NBA player.”

James will make his summer league debut on Saturday against the Sacramento Kings in the California Classic

Bronny James and Dalton Knecht will make their summer league debuts Saturday in San Francisco against the Sacramento Kings in the California Classic.

Furthermore, the Lakers’ roster now stands at 15, the maximum number of players an NBA team can carry.

LeBron James, who turns 40 on Dec. 30, will enter his 22nd NBA season in the fall.

Additionally, LeBron’s two-year, $104 million contract extension becomes a one-plus-one deal that allows him to reassess his NBA future next summer, per Wojnarowski.

The Lakers could not offer the 20-time All-Star a contract with more years because of a provision in the collective bargaining agreement called the “Over 38 Rule.”