CBS Sports’ Aditi Kinkhabwala Discusses Main Obstacle In Acquiring Brandon Aiyuk If Available

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The offseason buzz is the 49ers are going to possibly trade star WR Brandon Aiyuk.

In a TikTok video posted by Aiyuk, he was talking to Washington Commanders QB Jayden Daniels and said regarding the 49ers “They said they don’t want me back… I swear”.

Many teams need a playmaking WR and Aiyuk has established himself as a top wideout.

He will certainly have a market if the 49ers do end up trading him.

One team that has garnered a lot of chatter about possibly acquiring Aiyuk is the Pittsburgh Steelers.

CBS Sports’ Aditi Kinkhabwala was asked on 93.7 The Fan what would be the main obstacle for the Steelers to acquire Aiyuk if the 49ers put him on the trade block.

Read below to see what the main obstacle would be for the Steelers to trade for Brandon Aiyuk, if the 49ers do in fact make him available.

What Would Be The Main Obstacle Holding Up A Possible Brandon Aiyuk Trade?

When making her weekly appearance on 93.7 The Fan radio in Pittsburgh, Aditi Kinkhabwala was asked what would be the number one obstacle for the Steelers to acquire Aiyuk, if the 49ers make him available via trade.

While many think it would be the contract the Steelers would eventually need to pay Aiyuk, Kinkhabwala thinks it may instead be what the 49ers could potentially ask for the wideout.

Kinkhabwala stated “Omar Khan can work magic with contracts.”

She continued, “Half about what is reported with contracts is fake and about ego. There is the reported money, the reported average per year, the reported total compensation, and then when you look at the nitty gritty, it is really not quite.”

This is great inside knowledge of how contracts work.

To be clear, it is not known if the 49ers do in fact want to trade Aiyuk.

Kinkhabwala only discussed what the main obstacle would be if he actually winds up being available.

She did not say he actually is on the trade block.

If the 49ers do put Aiyuk on the trade block, they would be wise to ask for a lot in return for Aiyuk, as a WR as talented as Aiyuk is coveted.

Things can get murky for the 49ers if Aiyuk continues to put public pressure on them.

This is one of the most interesting storylines this offseason.

Pittsburgh would be wise to seek the price for Aiyuk if he ends up being available.

While the Steelers are not a WR away from being a Super Bowl contender, he would surely boost their offense.

Time will tell if the 49ers give in and put Aiyuk on the trade block.