Celtics Odds-On Favorites to Complete Repeat in 2025

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Boston Celtics Odds-On Favorites to win NBA Championship and Complete Repeat in 2025

The Boston Celtics won their 18th NBA championship on Monday night — the franchise’s first since 2008 — and sportsbook odds are already showing the C’s with the best odds to win next season’s title.

ESPN BET shows the Boston Celtics with the shortest preseason title odds since the 2017-18 Warriors

Caesars has the Celtics (+300) as the clear-cut betting favorites to win the 2025 NBA championship. At ESPN BET, Boston is +280 for next year’s title, which would be the shortest preseason title odds since the 2017-18 Warriors (-180).

According to ESPN Stats & Information, the preseason NBA title favorite has won nine of the last 16 seasons since 2009. Golden State is the last franchise to complete a repeat in 2018 against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Boston was the championship favorite from the first game of the season to the last.

The Celtics, Denver Nuggets (+650), and Minnesota Timberwolves (+850) are the only teams with 2025 championship odds shorter than 10-1, per ESPN BET.

Six of the past eight NBA champions had single-digit odds in the preseason, according to betting archive

The Dallas Mavericks, Milwaukee Bucks and Oklahoma City Thunder are each 10-1, followed by the New York Knicks and Philadelphia 76ers at 16-1.

FanDuel, BetMGM also have Boston as the clear-cut favorite

Via ESPN BET, teams with top-10 odds to win the 2025 NBA championship are the Celtics (+280), Nuggets (+650), Timberwolves (+800), Mavericks (+1000), Bucks (+1000), Thunder (+1000), Knicks (+1600), 76ers (+1600), Clippers (+2000), and Warriors (+2200).

FanDuel has Boston with +300 odds in the sportsbook’s top 10 as well, followed by the Nuggets (+750), Timberwolves (+900), Mavericks (+950), Thunder (+950), Bucks (+1000), 76ers (+1700), Knicks (+1700), Clippers (+2400), and Heat (+2700).

At FanDuel, this means a $10 bet would win a gambler $40 total. A $10 bet on the Clippers (+2400) would give the bettor $250 total. Plus, the same wager on the Heat (+2700) would win the patron $280 total.

Next, BetMGM shows the Celtics with +310 odds to repeat in 2025. Gamblers can also bet on the state of the winning team. The top choices are “Any Other State” at -300, California at +575, and Texas at +750.

Bettors can also place wagers on the division of the winning team. The Celtics’ Atlantic is the favorite at +200.

Of course, the Western Conference (-125) is the early favorite over the East (+105) to be the conference of the winning team next season.