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Dallas Stars president says sports betting legalization is still a difficult proposition in Texas

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Brad Alberts Dallas Stars pic

In Texas, lawmakers are still working to try and legalize sports betting. They’ve been at this for a few years now but continue to run into the same issue. These proposed sports betting bills make it through the House. However, they all quickly die in the Senate. It’s still an uphill battle for lawmakers to find common ground on sports betting legalization in the Lone Star State. Dallas Stars president Brad Albert noted that Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick of the Senate is heavily against the legalization of sports betting. 

Patrick has maintained an anti-gambling stance and he’s giving other lawmakers the most issues. He’s stated many times that he does not want to expand sports betting in Texas. Additionally, Patrick noted that he will never support a bill that is not Republican-led. Some industry sources have noted that Patrick is using code so that he doesn’t have to outright say he’s not in favor. What can lawmakers do to get more support from Republican Senators and maybe even Dan Patrick in the future?

How do industry operators feel about sports betting being legalized in the Lone Star State?

Sportsbook CEOs Jason Robins (DraftKings) and Adam Greenblatt (BetMGM) are optimistic about sports betting being legalized in Texas. Robins believes 2025 is what lawmakers in Texas should be aiming for. Texas legislature doesn’t meet again in 2024. Making 2025 their new target. Robins also noted that a sports betting bill made it through one chamber last year. While Robins and Greenblatt are keeping a positive outlook, other sportsbooks are not as optimistic. Caesars CEO Tom Regg says the political environment and legislature meeting every other year make it hard to see anything legalization happening in Texas.

Texas sports teams want to legalize sports betting

In Texas, there’s a hope that key industry stakeholders with professional sports teams can help apply pressure to get legislature passed. The most vocal leader to try and legalize sports betting in Texas is Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones. In the past calendar sports year, three professional teams in Texas made deep playoff runs. In the NFL, the Texans overachieved in C.J. Stroud’s first season. Making it to the Divisional Round. The Dallas Stars made the Western Conference Finals but lost to the Edmonton Oilers. Finally, the Dallas Mavericks are currently playing in the NBA Finals vs. the Boston Celtics. Texas missed out on a ton of potential revenue with sports betting not being legalized.