NFL: Is Jamison Crowder Worth Snagging As a Fantasy Football Free Agent?

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New York Jets receiver Jamison Crowder is emerging as one of quarterback Sam Darnold's favorite targets.

In fantasy football, it’s a standard strategy to pick several players from the same prolific offense. Handcuffing Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce, for example, just makes sense. When you think of explosive units, however, the New York Jets don’t immediately come to mind. While they might not be your first instinct, Jamison Crowder could be worth snagging as a fantasy football free agent.

The Jets season so far

Despite high hopes, the Jets season hasn’t gotten off to a smooth start. Quarterback Sam Darnold infamously missed several games with mononucleosis, leaving the team with a league-worst offense; New York has only averaged 220 yards per game this season. The Jets’ defense has been solidly mediocre, giving up just under 25 points per game.

Behind those two units, the Jets limped out to an 0-4 start to their season. Things seemed to turn around last weekend, however, as they picked up a win against the Dallas Cowboys.

With Darnold back under center, the Jets passing game came back to life, shredding Dallas for over 300 yards. The performance definitely gave fantasy owners something to look forward to.

Darnold and Crowder’s chemistry

In the win over the Cowboys, Darnold targeted Jamison Crowder nine times, the most of any Jets receiver. Six of those passes connected for 98 yards; while that seems like a solid day’s work in of itself, there’s a nice relationship developing.

When Darnold last played in Week 1, he targeted Crowder 17 times, the most of any wide receiver. While targets can be a fickle thing and depend on everything from the defensive alignment to play-calling, there’s clearly a level of comfort there. As Darnold reintegrates himself back into the offense, he’ll have a security blanket in his slot receiver.

Crowder’s potential performance against the New England Patriots

On Monday night, the Jets will take the field against the New England Patriots. While that will be a tough match-up for New York to win, it could be a big night for Jamison Crowder and his fantasy football numbers for two reasons.

First, the Jets will probably be playing from behind; even if they keep the score close, they’ll need to put up points in a hurry to keep up with Tom Brady. That should force Sam Darnold to throw the ball, meaning plenty of leather coming Crowder’s way. While that’s an extra bonus in a PPR league, the receiver should get more than enough work to have a solid night.

It’s also worth noting that, despite the Patriots’ strong defensive record, they allowed the Giants’ Golden Tate to break off a big receiving night in Week Six. That performance could inform the Jets’ game plan on Monday; if they’re going to have to throw, they’ll have an example to follow.

Is Jamison Crowder worth the roster spot?

Whenever you’re working the waiver wire, you’re rolling the dice. And, while Crowder facing the Patriots is a bit of a gamble, it seems to be a calculated risk. The Jets will have to throw the ball, and Darnold seems to have a level of comfort with his slot receiver. The Patriots defense is stingy, but, at a certain point, it becomes a numbers game; if Crowder receives double-digit targets, he’ll have to pile up some yards.

While the receiver is owned in most leagues, it’s worth keeping an eye out for him on the waiver wire. If someone gets an itchy trigger finger and drops the Jet, Crowder deserves a second look.