NBC’s Parker Kligerman Humiliates Jennifer Jo Cobb on Twitter After She Destroyed His Truck at Talladega in Shocking Fashion and Just Months After NASCAR Denied Her Racing at Same Track

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Jennifer Jo Cobb races Keith McGee

Parker Kligerman knows Talladega. He’s won there twice racing with the NASCAR Truck Series. During Saturday’s race, he never had a chance as Jennifer Jo Cobb destroyed his truck in a third-stage crash. After the race, the extremely unhappy part-time driver/NBC reporter took to Twitter and humiliated Cobb for the inexplicable accident. 

Jennifer Jo Cobb crashes into Parker Kligerman

With 37 laps to go at Talladega, the Truck Series drivers and fans had anxiously anticipated this moment. Everyone knew it was coming. The big one. It started when Austin Hill got turned from the inside lane, made a hard right, and took out Zane Smith on the outside wall. And the chain reaction began.

When the chaos ended, 21 trucks — more than half the 40-truck field — were involved in the accident. One of the last ones added to the list was that of Parker Kligerman. He was caught right in the middle of the mayhem but escaped to the other side unscathed. Then Jennifer Jo Cobb happened.

Replay shows all the involved trucks scattered across the track and the infield, rolling at dramatically reduced speeds around 10 seconds after the initial contact. And then, out of nowhere, from the right side of the screen, the ironic black and blue paint scheme of the No. 10 truck driven by Cobb appears, traveling at a much higher rate of speed.

She dodges one truck after another and just over 15 seconds after the initial contact between Hill and Smith, Cobb inexplicably slams into Kligerman, ending his day. 

Parker Kligerman humiliates Jennifer Jo Cobb

After the race, Parker Kligerman was unhappy and voiced his anger on Twitter, taking direct aim at Jennifer Jo Cobb for the crash. 

“The wreck was happening for 18 seconds by the time the 10 absolutely destroyed us,” Kligerman wrote. “I was in the middle of the wreck and didn’t have so much as a scratch because I used a little known pedal called…. A brake.”

That humiliating insult could have been the end of it. It was not. Less than 10 minutes later, the driver-reporter replied to his own tweet, asking his followers to come up with things they can do in 18 seconds, or the elapsed time from when the video starts to when Cobb hits him (not the actual time from when the accident started). 

“Let’s play a game: What things can you accomplish in 18 seconds?” he asked. “Chug beers? Write a tweet? Spark an idea for the next billion dollar company?”

The responses did not disappoint, including a couple from fellow NASCAR drivers.  

“10 cleaned me out too,” wrote Truck Series driver Kris Wright. 

“There’s bad, then there’s laughable. Let’s maybe look for another hobby,” Cup Series driver Corey LaJoie suggested.

NASCAR denied Cobb Cup Series chance at Talladega earlier this year

What’s interesting is back in April, Rick Ware Racing announced that Cobb would make her Cup Series debut at Talladega. Less than a week later, the team announced NASCAR had not approved her to race, citing a rule that states drivers must outline their previous racing experience to the NASCAR Resume Committee, which will determine if the driver is approved for competition. The rule also indicates a driver who has not competed for at least one year must resubmit the driver information and record application.

Cobb never raced in the Cup Series.

After Saturday’s inexplicable accident with Kligerman, NASCAR appears to have made the right decision. Now the question is — will the organization pursue a conversation with her over the latest incident? Based on the remarks from several of her fellow drivers, there’s an obvious concern over the 48-year-old driver’s judgment and how it affects their performance, and more importantly, their safety.   

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