President Barack Obama Reveals Who He Thinks Is the NBA GOAT: Michael Jordan or LeBron James?

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Every basketball fan has their own take on the NBA GOAT debate, even Barack Obama. The former president recently cast his vote for the greatest ever.

Every basketball fan has their own take on the NBA GOAT debate. Usually, the decision comes down to Michael Jordan and LeBron James, but you could ask 100 people and get 50 answers for each name.

The newest name to add his take on the age-old debate is none other than former U.S. president Barack Obama. So who does Obama believe is the greatest of all time?

The NBA GOAT debate has raged on for years

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Ever since LeBron James won his third NBA title and his first with his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers, the debate regarding who is the greatest basketball player of all time has really heated up.

Michael Jordan is the most popular answer among basketball fans, and how could he not be? Jordan went 6-6 in the NBA Finals and finished his career as arguably the most clutch playoff performer in NBA history.

Although Jordan has the championship pedigree, James has the advantage in almost every statistical category. James has already surpassed Jordan in career points, and he still plenty of years left to play. He also has more assists and rebounds than the Chicago Bulls’ legend.

James has four championship rings to his name as well, but his 4-6 Finals record taints his GOAT legacy.

Barack Obama is a huge basketball fan

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Along with being a successful politician, Barack Obama has always had a soft spot for the game of basketball. Obama grew up in Chicago as a huge Bulls fan, and he had one of the smoothest jump shots in the White House.

While in office, President Obama appeared in his annual version of Bracketology. He filled out an NCAA Tournament bracket with Andy Katz of ESPN in the Oval Office almost every year.

Now in the next chapter of his life, Obama has more time to watch and dissect the game.

President Obama picks Michael Jordan as the GOAT

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In a recent appearance on Complex’s 360 with Speedy Morman, President Obama was asked about his thoughts on the NBA GOAT debate. Of course, he had to stick with his Chicago roots, but he opened the door for LeBron James to overtake Michael Jordan in the future.

LeBron is making strides in the GOAT debate. [But he’s not quite there yet?] Not quite because look, his career is not over yet. And we don’t know how many more rings he might win. Here’s what I will say about LeBron, who is indisputably one of the top two already. His longevity…. The fact that I joked about him because I was with him on ‘The Shop’ right before the election. You know, he doesn’t look like he’s lost a step. I know that he is benefiting from the kind of training and nutrition and treatments, and all that folks in Michael’s generation just did not benefit from. But part of it is just – he’s a freak. And right now it looks like he could keep on doing what he’s doing right now for another five years, right? If at 40, he’s still an All-Star and competing in this way, you know that you have to factor that in.

Barack Obama

Obama might be a tad biased in the subject. After all, he’s been a Chicago sports fan since he was young, and he was in college during Jordan’s dominant run with the Bulls. Either way, you can’t knock the former Commander in Chief for his GOAT choice. Do you agree with President Obama?