Russell Wilson Confesses the Truth About Requesting a Trade, His Relationship With Pete Carroll, and Whether He Wants to Stay in Seattle

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Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll talks to Russell Wilson during a game.

Will Russell Wilson finish his career with the Seattle Seahawks? Before the offseason began, the idea of the future Hall of Famer playing for another NFL team seemed unfathomable. Yet, months of trade rumors have fueled speculation about Wilson’s future with the franchise.

On Thursday, the superstar quarterback cleared the air about some important topics. During his post-practice media availability, Wilson admitted the truth about requesting a trade from the Seahawks, his relationship with head coach Pete Carroll, and whether he wants to stay in Seattle for the long haul.

Russell Wilson made it clear he’s willing to play elsewhere

Seahawks fans have spent the last nine years watching Wilson develop into one of the league’s biggest stars. However, it would be foolish to bet on the 32-year-old finishing his career in Seattle.

After all, Wilson has already entertained the idea of wearing a different uniform.

Weeks after calling attention to Seattle’s offensive line issues, he ramped up trade speculation by making his preferred destination list public knowledge. Wilson’s agent, Mark Rodgers, told ESPN his client wants to play in Seattle, but if a trade should occur, the only teams Wilson would play for are the Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints, Las Vegas Raiders, and Chicago Bears.

Of course, the Cowboys signed Dak Prescott to a $160 million contract this offseason, and the Bears traded up in the first round of the 2021 NFL draft to take Ohio State’s Justin Fields. Meanwhile, neither the Saints nor the Raiders appear to have a true franchise-caliber quarterback. So even though Wilson remains a Seahawk, the team seems to have two potential paths to give him a new home.

However, just because he let the world know he’s willing to play in Dallas, New Orleans, Las Vegas, or Chicago, does that mean Wilson actually asked to get traded?

The star quarterbacks tells the truth about requesting a trade and his relationship with Pete Carroll

Unlike Aaron Rodgers, Wilson actually showed up for work this week.

On Thursday, the Seahawks conducted their 10th and final session of organized team activities. After practice concluded, Wilson spoke with reporters about how he felt a few months ago.

“I think there were some unfortunate frustrations after the season,” he said. “Obviously you want to win it all and do it all and do everything you can. I think everybody on our team does. You want to win it, and I think, unfortunately, I think it got a little blown out of proportion a little bit.”

Wilson also confessed the truth about a topic that has generated plenty of discussion this offseason: Did he request a trade?

“There was a lot of people, there was a whole thing saying that I had requested a trade, and that’s just not true,” Wilson said. “I didn’t request a trade. I think everything kind of started from there, and then obviously tons of teams were calling. I didn’t really want to go anywhere else. I wanted to play in Seattle, but if I had to go somewhere, these are the teams I would go to, consider.”

That led to what Wilson described as a “great conversation with Coach Carroll” and a “really great conversation with John [Schneider].” Wilson also said he and Carroll spent a lot of time together one-on-one, and that the conversations he had with the Seahawks’ head coach and general manager strengthened his relationships with both men.

Will Wilson finish his career in Seattle?

As for what lies ahead? Wilson certainly seems motivated entering his 10th NFL season.

“Every morning I wake up, I wake up to win and wake up to win another Super Bowl for the Seattle Seahawks,” he said on Thursday. “That’s my mission.”

The Seahawks have a solid roster, but it remains to be seen if Wilson has the right pieces around him to actually compete for a championship. Training camp will yield more answers, and preseason games will give Carroll and Schneider a chance to assess the overall state of the team.

By Wilson’s own words, though, it sounds like Seattle can count on having at least one sure thing at for years to come.

“It takes a journey; it takes a lot of hard work; it takes a lot of studying; it takes a lot of great moments — some tough ones, too, along the way,” he said. “But I know we can do it again. So for me, personally, I hope I play my whole career here.”

Seahawks fans can only hope their franchise quarterback doesn’t change his mind if the team doesn’t live up to expectations — again.

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