The Embarrassing Stat That Proves the Eagles Need to Fire GM Howie Roseman

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The Philadelphia Eagles are a mess, and Howie Roseman is largely to blame. Here's the stat that should make Jeffrey Lurie fire Roseman today.

The Philadelphia Eagles have been a complete mess this season, and there’s plenty of blame to go around. Carson Wentz has regressed immensely, the offensive line is struggling to protect him, and Doug Pederson has lost his play-calling magic.

But the root of all of the Eagles‘ problems leads back to general manager and executive vice president Howie Roseman. Roseman has failed in his team-building roll over the last few years, and the one embarrassing stat about his drafting history proves he needs to be fired by season’s end.

The Eagles are having a nightmare season

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The Eagles might be only one game back of the NFC East lead and a playoff spot, but don’t let that distract you from the disastrous season the franchise is going through.

Philadelphia currently sits at 3-7-1 through 11 games this season. The only wins the Eagles have in 2020 are against a San Francisco 49ers team demolished by injuries, the Dallas Cowboys with Ben DiNucci starting at quarterback, and the 4-7 New York Giants.

On the field, the puzzling demise of Carson Wentz tops the list of disappointing storylines for the Eagles this year. Wentz ranks 27th in the NFL in total QBR (49.7) and leads the league in interceptions by four (15). He’s led the Eagles to the eighth-worst scoring offense in the NFL, and he’s failed to put up 30 points in any game so far this season.

With the Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints, and Arizona Cardinals next up on the schedule, Philadelphia is a longshot to make it to the postseason in 2020.

Philadelphia is getting nothing from their recent draft picks

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In a league where team-building and replenishing talent is paramount, the Eagles have failed to do exactly that in recent years. Just look at their most recent draft class.

Jalen Reagor, Philadelphia’s first-round pick in 2020, has only played in six games and has totaled 222 receiving yards. Meanwhile, Justin Jefferson, who was taken one pick after Reagor, could be on his way to a Pro Bowl in year one.

Jalen Hurts, the Eagles’ second selection, has only muddied the waters in the quarterback room. Wentz is constantly looking over his shoulder to see if Hurts is about to take his starting job.

Davion Taylor and K’Von Wallace were the Eagles’ next two picks in the 2020 NFL draft. They have just 17 combined tackles through 11 games this season.

Philadelphia’s late-round flyers in 2020 have barely seen the field, either. Almost every other team in the NFL is getting meaningful production out of at least one rookie this year, but not the Eagles. And the worst part? This is a pattern that doesn’t just apply to this year’s draft class.

Howie Roseman has only drafted one Pro Bowler since 2013

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After the Eagles won the Super Bowl in 2017, GM Howie Roseman was heralded as a genius team-builder and talent evaluator. It turns out that season may have just been an anomaly.

Roseman’s draft history has actually been largely underwhelming of late. Since 2013 when he nabbed Lane Johnson and Zach Ertz in the first two rounds, Roseman has only drafted one player who has made a Pro Bowl. That player was Carson Wentz.

Wentz was drafted No. 2 overall in 2016, and he made the Pro Bowl a year later. Since then, though, all he’s done is regress. Of the 39 players Roseman drafted from 2013-2019, only 13 remain on the active roster.

Roseman’s embarrassing draft track record has finally come back to haunt him, and it’s going to force team owner Jeffrey Lurie to make some franchise-altering decisions this offseason. One of those decisions needs to be the firing of Howie Roseman.

All stats courtesy of Pro Football Reference