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June 16 is golfer Phil Mickelson‘s birthday, and there’s no better way to celebrate than to relive Lefty’s greatest shots, wins, and funniest one-liners throughout his PGA Tour career. There’s never a lack of entertainment when Mickelson tees it up.

Phil Mickelson at the 2004 Masters

The 2004 Masters might be Phil Mickelson’s most memorable win on Tour. Not just because it was his first-ever win at Augusta National but because of the way he won.

Down three strokes while he stood on the 12th tee, Mickelson rattled off four birdies in his last six holes. He capped it off with a birdie on 18. That winning putt created the infamous jump that became his very own logo. Mickelson’s winning moment on 18 at Augusta remains one of the most iconic moments in golf history.

2013 Open Championship

The 2004 Masters might be his most famous major championship win, but Mickelson was just as impressive down the stretch of the 2013 Open Championship at Muirfield Golf Links.

Again, Lefty birdied four of his last six holes to seal the victory in style. He finished -3 for the entire tournament, while no one else in the field finished under par. It was a special performance in the wind and harsh conditions.

Phil the Thrill

Phil Mickelson is one of the most entertaining golfers of all time. When he’s in a tough spot on the course, he’ll never take the easy way out. Mickelson attempts shots others wouldn’t dare, a quality that earned him the nickname “Phil the Thrill.”

You can always bet on Lefty to carry that tall tree that no one else can. Or fly that lake in one shot when everyone else is short. His imagination and confidence in every shot he hits make him one of the greatest ever and one of the most fun to watch.

Phil the Flop Master

Phil Mickelson is such an iconic talent that he even got a golf shot named after him. The “Phil Flop” has become a famous shot that even the greatest short game artists in golf history can’t pull off.

Mickelson is so gifted at the flop shot that he even invented a new way to hit one. Lefty can actually stand on a steep hill facing away from the green and flop the ball high in the air and onto the green behind him. He even tried it once during a PGA Tour event, and the ball nearly reached the green.

Phil Mickelson: King of the one-liners


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His golf game isn’t the only entertaining part about Phil Mickelson. Lefty also is one of the biggest jokesters on the PGA Tour. From talking smack to opposing players to asking young fans which club to hit, Mickelson is not lacking in flair.

During one tournament, Mickelson even talked back to a fan while his shot was in the air. After his tee shot, a fan said it looked better than Tiger Woods’ shot. Without skipping a beat, Mickelson responded, “Oh, it is,” as he completed his backswing. The ball ended up five feet from the hole.

Never change, Phil.