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NFL football is a Thanksgiving Day tradition on par with turkey, tryptophan, and careful navigation of familial relationships. From the worst showings on the holiday to the sterling performances that created indelible memories, Thanksgiving QB performances have left football fans dejected, elated, and every emotion between the two extremes.

But how has every single qualified quarterback fared on the holiday since 1950?

Yes, we said “every” single one. And we meant it.

To determine the order of the 367 qualified games by signal-callers from 1950 to the present, we’re turning to QB Math’s Total Yards Added (TYA) metric, which looks at fumble avoidance, sack avoidance, rushing success, and passing success to see how many more yards a given quarterback accumulated than a league-average player during the year in question would’ve with the same number of attempts. Five total attempts are necessary to qualify.

Feel free to search in your browser for your favorite quarterback’s name, or just scroll through to see every entry and determine who jumps out to you. But do know — and this is a necessary note given the massive nature of the table below — that there’s more to this article beyond the rankings of the 361 qualified games.

Below the behemoth, you can also find a ranking of the Thanksgiving Day careers of all 186 signal-callers who appear, as well as a quick look at the 36 with three or more showings to their name.

367Dan Marino1999-244.255Miami DolphinsDallas Cowboys
366Cliff Stoudt1983-239.241Pittsburgh SteelersDetroit Lions
365Brian Sipe1982-206.398Cleveland BrownsDallas Cowboys
364Matthew Stafford2009-202.032Detroit LionsGreen Bay Packers
363Len Dawson1967-199.1Kansas City ChiefsOakland Raiders
362Troy Aikman1989-194.622Dallas CowboysPhiladelphia Eagles
361Carson Palmer2010-186.878Cincinnati BengalsNew York Jets
360Colin Kaepernick2014-184.705San Francisco 49ersSeattle Seahawks
359Jim Harbaugh1991-184.499Chicago BearsDetroit Lions
358Jonathan Quinn2004-178.374Chicago BearsDallas Cowboys
357Tony Romo2015-170.921Dallas CowboysCarolina Panthers
356Jim Hart1975-162.769St. Louis CardinalsBuffalo Bills
355Milt Plum1967-160.403Detroit LionsLos Angeles Rams
354Joey Harrington2002-159.746Detroit LionsNew England Patriots
353Matt Ryan2019-158.554Atlanta FalconsNew Orleans Saints
352Eli Manning2017-155.158New York GiantsWashington
351Alex Smith2011-147.443San Francisco 49ersBaltimore Ravens
350Tom Dublinski1953-146.863Detroit LionsGreen Bay Packers
349Greg Landry1968-145.926Detroit LionsPhiladelphia Eagles
348Scott Tolzien2016-142.972Indianapolis ColtsPittsburgh Steelers
347Rodney Peete1993-142.941Detroit LionsChicago Bears
346John McCormick1963-141.979Denver BroncosOakland Raiders
345Scott Brunner1982-135.398New York GiantsDetroit Lions
344Jim Ninowski1961-134.016Detroit LionsGreen Bay Packers
343Greg Landry1969-133.52Detroit LionsMinnesota Vikings
342Gary Marangi1976-130.788Buffalo BillsDetroit Lions
341Sam Adkins1980-129.729Seattle SeahawksDallas Cowboys
340Troy Aikman1996-125.827Dallas CowboysWashington
339Mike Phipps1979-125.557Chicago BearsDetroit Lions
338Matt Flynn2013-124.768Green Bay PackersDetroit Lions
337Bob Williams1952-124.087Chicago BearsDallas Texans
336Tony Romo2014-116.943Dallas CowboysPhiladelphia Eagles
335Drew Bledsoe2000-116.105New England PatriotsDetroit Lions
334Joey Harrington2007-113.433Atlanta FalconsIndianapolis Colts
333Gary Danielson1982-112.399Detroit LionsNew York Giants
332Matthew Stafford2018-110.373Detroit LionsChicago Bears
331Matthew Stafford2011-107.348Detroit LionsGreen Bay Packers
330Colt McCoy2018-104.729WashingtonDallas Cowboys
329Jay Cutler2014-100.796Chicago BearsDetroit Lions
328Bill Kenney1981-99.037Kansas City ChiefsDetroit Lions
327Aaron Rodgers2015-97.823Green Bay PackersChicago Bears
326Bruce Gradkowski2006-95.501Tampa Bay BuccaneersDallas Cowboys
325Joe Reed1975-95.408Detroit LionsLos Angeles Rams
324Tony Eason1984-95.327New England PatriotsDallas Cowboys
323Steve Tensi1969-94.544Denver BroncosKansas City Chiefs
322Alex Smith2020-94.29Washington Football TeamDallas Cowboys
321Craig Morton1969-93.418Dallas CowboysSan Francisco 49ers
320Kellen Clemens2007-92.584New York JetsDallas Cowboys
319Drew Henson2004-91.474Dallas CowboysChicago Bears
318Dak Prescott2017-89.8Dallas CowboysLos Angeles Chargers
317Gus Frerotte1996-88.191WashingtonDallas Cowboys
316Bobby Layne1956-87.948Detroit LionsGreen Bay Packers
315Daryle Lamonica1968-87.861Oakland RaidersBuffalo Bills
314Chuck Long1988-86.151Detroit LionsMinnesota Vikings
313Bobby Layne1957-85.896Detroit LionsGreen Bay Packers
312Vince Evans1981-85.353Chicago BearsDallas Cowboys
311Bart Starr1962-84.62Green Bay PackersDetroit Lions
310Eli Manning2009-82.196New York GiantsDenver Broncos
309Jon Kitna2006-80.402Detroit LionsMiami Dolphins
308Joey Harrington2005-78.587Detroit LionsAtlanta Falcons
307Trevor Siemian2021-76.46New Orleans SaintsBuffalo Bills
306Rusty Hilger1988-76.303Detroit LionsMinnesota Vikings
305Erik Kramer1991-75.157Detroit LionsChicago Bears
304Marty Domres1969-73.197San Diego ChargersHouston Oilers
303Andy Dalton2020-71.059Dallas CowboysWashington Football Team
302Neil O’Donnell1991-69.073Pittsburgh SteelersDallas Cowboys
301Mark Malone1983-68.791Pittsburgh SteelersDetroit Lions
300Joey Harrington2003-68.679Detroit LionsGreen Bay Packers
299Jon Kitna2007-68.527Detroit LionsGreen Bay Packers
298M.C. Reynolds1961-68.099Buffalo BillsNew York Titans
297Bart Starr1970-67.381Green Bay PackersDallas Cowboys
296Joe Ferguson1975-67.326Buffalo BillsSt. Louis Cardinals
295Troy Aikman1993-67.129Dallas CowboysMiami Dolphins
294Pete Beathard1968-65.861Houston OilersKansas City Chiefs
293Mark Rypien1990-64.164WashingtonDallas Cowboys
292Babe Parilli1953-64.078Green Bay PackersDetroit Lions
291Jim Zorn1980-63.439Seattle SeahawksDallas Cowboys
290Mark Sanchez2010-63.325New York JetsCincinnati Bengals
289Mike McMahon2004-62.349Detroit LionsIndianapolis Colts
288Roger Staubach1976-62.086Dallas CowboysSt. Louis Cardinals
287Don Trull1969-62.047Houston OilersSan Diego Chargers
286Shaun Hill2010-58.876Detroit LionsNew England Patriots
285Troy Aikman1990-56.682Dallas CowboysWashington
284Roger Staubach1974-55.997Dallas CowboysWashington
283Jim Hart1976-55.926St. Louis CardinalsDallas Cowboys
282Ed Rutkowski1968-55.877Buffalo BillsOakland Raiders
281George Ratterman1950-54.824New York YanksDetroit Lions
280George Blanda1970-53.457Oakland RaidersDetroit Lions
279Milt Plum1965-53.392Detroit LionsBaltimore Colts
278Kurt Warner2008-52.897Arizona CardinalsPhiladelphia Eagles
277Earl Morrall1959-52.36Detroit LionsGreen Bay Packers
276Charley Johnson1974-50.996Denver BroncosDetroit Lions
275Drew Bledsoe2005-50.48Dallas CowboysDenver Broncos
274Matt Hasselbeck2008-49.568Seattle SeahawksDallas Cowboys
273Earl Morrall1961-48.403Detroit LionsGreen Bay Packers
272Daunte Culpepper2008-47.849Detroit LionsTennessee Titans
271John Elway1990-47.403Denver BroncosDetroit Lions
270Tobin Rote1958-47.215Detroit LionsGreen Bay Packers
269Charley Johnson1967-46.697St. Louis CardinalsDallas Cowboys
268Quincy Carter2003-44.902Dallas CowboysMiami Dolphins
267Matthew Stafford2020-44.238Detroit LionsHouston Texans
266Frank Tripucka1950-44.187Chicago CardinalsPittsburgh Steelers
265Sam Bradford2016-43.856Minnesota VikingsDetroit Lions
264Brian Griese2001-43.424Denver BroncosDallas Cowboys
263Frank Tripucka1962-42.187Denver BroncosNew York Titans
262Matt Schaub2012-41.772Houston TexansDetroit Lions
261Vinny Testaverde2004-41.349Dallas CowboysChicago Bears
260Jeff Komlo1979-41.331Detroit LionsChicago Bears
259Steve DeBerg1993-41.129Miami DolphinsDallas Cowboys
258Don Meredith1968-40.902Dallas CowboysWashington
257Mike Livingston1969-40.748Kansas City ChiefsDenver Broncos
256Brett Favre2003-40.285Green Bay PackersDetroit Lions
255Tony Romo2011-40.17Dallas CowboysMiami Dolphins
254Karl Sweetan1966-38.421Detroit LionsSan Francisco 49ers
253Tobin Rote1955-38.415Green Bay PackersDetroit Lions
252Jake Plummer2006-36.902Denver BroncosKansas City Chiefs
251Charlie Batch2001-36.603Detroit LionsGreen Bay Packers
250Craig Krenzel2004-36.049Chicago BearsDallas Cowboys
249Joe Kapp1969-35.473Minnesota VikingsDetroit Lions
248Bill Munson1973-34.43Detroit LionsWashington
247Danny Wuerffel2002-33.74WashingtonDallas Cowboys
246Tom Dublinski1954-33.623Detroit LionsGreen Bay Packers
245Johnny Unitas1965-33.165Baltimore ColtsDetroit Lions
244Kordell Stewart1998-32.83Pittsburgh SteelersDetroit Lions
243George Shaw1962-32.336Denver BroncosNew York Titans
242Danny White1980-32.205Dallas CowboysSeattle Seahawks
241Kirk Cousins2017-31.448WashingtonNew York Giants
240Jim Harbaugh1993-31.158Chicago BearsDetroit Lions
239Bart Starr1958-29.536Green Bay PackersDetroit Lions
238Norm Snead1968-29.43Philadelphia EaglesDetroit Lions
237Erik Kramer1992-27.153Detroit LionsHouston Oilers
236Jim Miller1999-26.681Chicago BearsDetroit Lions
235Earl Morrall1963-25.609Detroit LionsGreen Bay Packers
234Bobby Layne1955-24.814Detroit LionsGreen Bay Packers
233Lamar McHan1960-23.793Green Bay PackersDetroit Lions
232Pete Beathard1969-23.347Houston OilersSan Diego Chargers
231Steve Tensi1967-22.943Denver BroncosSan Diego Chargers
230Dan Orlovsky2005-22.87Detroit LionsAtlanta Falcons
229Bobby Thomason1951-21.85Green Bay PackersDetroit Lions
228Matt Cassel2015-19.921Dallas CowboysCarolina Panthers
227Cam Newton2015-19.856Carolina PanthersDallas Cowboys
226Ryan Leaf2001-19.685Dallas CowboysDenver Broncos
225Gary Danielson1977-19.443Detroit LionsChicago Bears
224Trent Green2006-19.101Kansas City ChiefsDenver Broncos
223Eric Hipple1982-18.999Detroit LionsNew York Giants
222Karl Sweetan1967-18.559Detroit LionsLos Angeles Rams
221Craig Morton1972-18.184Dallas CowboysSan Francisco 49ers
220Jeff Garcia2005-17.457Detroit LionsAtlanta Falcons
219Mark Sanchez2015-16.874Philadelphia EaglesDetroit Lions
218Jack Kemp1965-16.396Buffalo BillsSan Diego Chargers
217Dak Prescott2019-15.832Dallas CowboysBuffalo Bills
216Len Dawson1971-15.222Kansas City ChiefsDetroit Lions
215Matthew Stafford2017-14.662Detroit LionsMinnesota Vikings
214Mike McMahon2001-14.253Detroit LionsGreen Bay Packers
213Jack Kemp1964-13.954Buffalo BillsSan Diego Chargers
212Johnny Green1962-13.277New York TitansDenver Broncos
211Babe Parilli1952-13.174Green Bay PackersDetroit Lions
210Matthew Stafford2016-13.064Detroit LionsMinnesota Vikings
209Troy Aikman1992-12.747Dallas CowboysNew York Giants
208Matt Ryan2018-12.262Atlanta FalconsNew Orleans Saints
207Gary Danielson1978-11.925Detroit LionsDenver Broncos
206Kent Graham1992-10.849New York GiantsDallas Cowboys
205Chase Daniel2018-10.669Chicago BearsDetroit Lions
204Tom Flores1963-9.877Oakland RaidersDenver Broncos
203Earl Morrall1962-9.396Detroit LionsGreen Bay Packers
202Daryle Lamonica1964-8.428Buffalo BillsSan Diego Chargers
201Jay Cutler2015-7.87Chicago BearsGreen Bay Packers
200Jake Plummer2005-7.697Denver BroncosDallas Cowboys
199Tony Romo2007-7.008Dallas CowboysNew York Jets
198Bart Starr1961-6.696Green Bay PackersDetroit Lions
197Daryle Lamonica1970-6.318Oakland RaidersDetroit Lions
196Milt Plum1964-5.58Detroit LionsChicago Bears
195Daniel Jones2022-5.128New York GiantsDallas Cowboys
194Roger Staubach1972-4.714Dallas CowboysSan Francisco 49ers
193Tom Brady2002-4.394New England PatriotsDetroit Lions
192Lynn Dickey1984-3.504Green Bay PackersDetroit Lions
191Bruce Gradkowski2009-2.819Oakland RaidersDallas Cowboys
190Roger Staubach1973-2.536Dallas CowboysMiami Dolphins
189Danny White1987-1.222Dallas CowboysMinnesota Vikings
188Josh Allen2022-0.782Buffalo BillsDetroit Lions
187Greg Landry1977-0.14Detroit LionsChicago Bears
186George Blanda19670.294Oakland RaidersKansas City Chiefs
185John Hadl19641.046San Diego ChargersBuffalo Bills
184John Hadl19651.141San Diego ChargersBuffalo Bills
183Milt Plum19622.455Detroit LionsGreen Bay Packers
182Bart Starr19572.623Green Bay PackersDetroit Lions
181Kerry Collins20082.822Tennessee TitansDetroit Lions
180Chad Hutchinson20023.946Dallas CowboysWashington
179Bob Avellini19794.087Chicago BearsDetroit Lions
178Jim Hart19774.368St. Louis CardinalsMiami Dolphins
177Damon Huard19995.006Miami DolphinsDallas Cowboys
176Rudy Bukich19645.794Chicago BearsDetroit Lions
175Scott Mitchell19965.875Detroit LionsKansas City Chiefs
174Bill Munson19696.976Detroit LionsMinnesota Vikings
173Joe Ferguson19869.032Detroit LionsGreen Bay Packers
172Tobin Rote19549.884Green Bay PackersDetroit Lions
171Tony Romo201211.178Dallas CowboysWashington
170David Blough201911.279Detroit LionsChicago Bears
169Jon Kitna201011.346Dallas CowboysNew Orleans Saints
168Joey Harrington200413.626Detroit LionsIndianapolis Colts
167Steve McNair199713.726Tennesse OilersDallas Cowboys
166Steve Pelluer198815.357Dallas CowboysHouston Oilers
165Don Breaux196315.451Denver BroncosOakland Raiders
164John Brodie196615.678San Francisco 49ersDetroit Lions
163Glenn Carano198116.527Dallas CowboysChicago Bears
162Joe Flacco201116.918Baltimore RavensSan Francisco 49ers
161Tony Romo201316.935Dallas CowboysOakland Raiders
160Joe Namath197217.081New York JetsDetroit Lions
159Jim Ninowski196817.643WashingtonDallas Cowboys
158Dak Prescott202218.363Dallas CowboysNew York Giants
157Drew Brees201918.723New Orleans SaintsAtlanta Falcons
156Bob Gagliano198918.965Detroit LionsCleveland Browns
155John Hadl196719.322San Diego ChargersDenver Broncos
154Joe Flacco201319.639Baltimore RavensPittsburgh Steelers
153Chuck Long198719.773Detroit LionsKansas City Chiefs
152Tommy Kramer198720.387Minnesota VikingsDallas Cowboys
151Cotton Davidson196320.838Oakland RaidersDenver Broncos
150Mark Sanchez201220.867New York JetsNew England Patriots
149Bart Starr196021.192Green Bay PackersDetroit Lions
148Bobby Layne195321.667Detroit LionsGreen Bay Packers
147Troy Aikman200021.77Dallas CowboysMinnesota Vikings
146Don Meredith196622.166Dallas CowboysCleveland Browns
145Drew Brees201822.398New Orleans SaintsAtlanta Falcons
144Tobin Rote195723.139Detroit LionsGreen Bay Packers
143Daryle Lamonica196723.763Oakland RaidersKansas City Chiefs
142Jim Hardy195024.721Chicago CardinalsPittsburgh Steelers
141Andy Dalton202124.789Chicago BearsDetroit Lions
140Danny White198424.806Dallas CowboysNew England Patriots
139Matt McGloin201326.084Oakland RaidersDallas Cowboys
138Troy Aikman199726.333Dallas CowboysTennessee Oilers
137Cotton Davidson196026.606Dallas TexansNew York Titans
136Danny White198126.963Dallas CowboysChicago Bears
135Wade Wilson198728.511Minnesota VikingsDallas Cowboys
134Tobin Rote195629.022Green Bay PackersDetroit Lions
133Steve Pelluer198629.033Dallas CowboysSeattle Seahawks
132Frank Tripucka195229.506Dallas TexansChicago Bears
131Matt Moore201132.649Miami DolphinsDallas Cowboys
130Jim Ninowski196032.86Detroit LionsGreen Bay Packers
129Jim Kelly199434.282Buffalo BillsDetroit Lions
128Bobby Layne195435.95Detroit LionsGreen Bay Packers
127Jacky Lee196736.725Kansas City ChiefsOakland Raiders
126Bernie Kosar198937.274Cleveland BrownsDetroit Lions
125Warren Moon199537.612Minnesota VikingsDetroit Lions
124Billy Kilmer197337.782WashingtonDetroit Lions
123Steve Fuller198138.286Kansas City ChiefsDetroit Lions
122Paul McDonald198239.201Cleveland BrownsDallas Cowboys
121Jared Goff202139.707Detroit LionsChicago Bears
120Randy Wright198439.814Green Bay PackersDetroit Lions
119Neil Lomax198339.995St. Louis CardinalsDallas Cowboys
118Bobby Layne195241.205Detroit LionsGreen Bay Packers
117Jared Goff202242.537Detroit LionsBuffalo Bills
116Rich Gannon199644.107Kansas City ChiefsDetroit Lions
115Kyle Orton200945.23Denver BroncosNew York Giants
114John Hadl196946.653San Diego ChargersHouston Oilers
113Steve Beuerlein199146.945Dallas CowboysPittsburgh Steelers
112Billy Kilmer197447.003WashingtonDallas Cowboys
111Greg Landry197447.005Detroit LionsDenver Broncos
110Eric Hipple198147.008Detroit LionsKansas City Chiefs
109Mark Sanchez201448.415Philadelphia EaglesDallas Cowboys
108Johnny Green196148.79Buffalo BillsNew York Titans
107Troy Aikman199549.072Dallas CowboysKansas City Chiefs
106Roger Staubach197949.895Dallas CowboysHouston Oilers
105Tom Flores196650.629Oakland RaidersBuffalo Bills
104Joe Theismann197850.686WashingtonDallas Cowboys
103Ben Roethlisberger201350.774Pittsburgh SteelersBaltimore Ravens
102Josh Allen201951.112Buffalo BillsDallas Cowboys
101Michael Vick200551.303Atlanta FalconsDetroit Lions
100Roman Gabriel197151.379Los Angeles RamsDallas Cowboys
99Greg Landry197652.861Detroit LionsBuffalo Bills
98Craig Morton197853.881Denver BroncosDetroit Lions
97Roman Gabriel196755.028Los Angeles RamsDetroit Lions
96Josh Allen202156.956Buffalo BillsNew Orleans Saints
95Warren Moon198857.338Houston OilersDallas Cowboys
94Eric Hipple198357.707Detroit LionsPittsburgh Steelers
93Wade Wilson198859.508Minnesota VikingsDetroit Lions
92George Blanda195260.146Chicago BearsDallas Texans
91Drew Brees201060.567New Orleans SaintsDallas Cowboys
90Len Dawson196961.551Kansas City ChiefsDenver Broncos
89Joey Harrington200661.699Miami DolphinsDetroit Lions
88Russell Wilson201462.937Seattle SeahawksSan Francisco 49ers
87Gary Danielson198064.309Detroit LionsChicago Bears
86Peyton Manning200766.718Indianapolis ColtsAtlanta Falcons
85Steve Spurrier197267.694San Francisco 49ersDallas Cowboys
84Frank Ryan196668.141Cleveland BrownsDallas Cowboys
83Dak Prescott201670.237Dallas CowboysWashington
82Bart Starr195972.207Green Bay PackersDetroit Lions
81Cody Carlson199272.863Houston OilersDetroit Lions
80Ken O’Brien198576.203New York JetsDetroit Lions
79Matthew Stafford201376.503Detroit LionsGreen Bay Packers
78Kirk Cousins202276.537Minnesota VikingsNew England Patriots
77Troy Aikman199977.456Dallas CowboysMiami Dolphins
76Dak Prescott201877.568Dallas CowboysWashington
75Charlie Batch199879.017Detroit LionsPittsburgh Steelers
74Greg Landry197280.53Detroit LionsNew York Jets
73Greg Landry197180.99Detroit LionsKansas City Chiefs
72Charlie Batch200081.18Detroit LionsNew England Patriots
71Steve Bono199582.957Kansas City ChiefsDallas Cowboys
70Matthew Stafford201282.981Detroit LionsHouston Texans
69Danny White198283.202Dallas CowboysCleveland Browns
68Vince Evans198084.561Chicago BearsDetroit Lions
67Craig Morton197088.15Dallas CowboysGreen Bay Packers
66Bob Griese197388.417Miami DolphinsDallas Cowboys
65Roger Staubach197888.735Dallas CowboysWashington
64Neil Lomax198590.232St. Louis CardinalsDallas Cowboys
63Bob Gagliano199090.678Detroit LionsDenver Broncos
62Gus Frerotte199991.183Detroit LionsChicago Bears
61Brett Favre199492.91Green Bay PackersDallas Cowboys
60James Harris197592.952Los Angeles RamsDetroit Lions
59Mitchell Trubisky201994.39Chicago BearsDetroit Lions
58Bart Starr196396.676Green Bay PackersDetroit Lions
57Scott Mitchell199799.845Detroit LionsChicago Bears
56Dan Pastorini1979100.356Houston OilersDallas Cowboys
55Bill Kenney1987100.64Kansas City ChiefsDetroit Lions
54Bobby Layne1950102.084Detroit LionsNew York Yanks
53John Rauch1950104.718New York YanksDetroit Lions
52Dave Krieg1986105.023Seattle SeahawksDallas Cowboys
51Daunte Culpepper2000105.823Minnesota VikingsDallas Cowboys
50Jim Hart1967106.303St. Louis CardinalsDallas Cowboys
49Danny White1983109.864Dallas CowboysSt. Louis Cardinals
48Clint Longley1974110.005Dallas CowboysWashington
47Randy Wright1986111.028Green Bay PackersDetroit Lions
46John Brodie1969111.031San Francisco 49ersDallas Cowboys
45Erik Kramer1997111.97Chicago BearsDetroit Lions
44Al Dorow1961112.442New York TitansBuffalo Bills
43Jack Kemp1966113.067Buffalo BillsOakland Raiders
42Donovan McNabb2008115.809Philadelphia EaglesArizona Cardinals
41Aaron Rodgers2011118.83Green Bay PackersDetroit Lions
40Randall Cunningham1989118.86Philadelphia EaglesDallas Cowboys
39Brett Favre2001125.226Green Bay PackersDetroit Lions
38Case Keenum2017126.338Minnesota VikingsDetroit Lions
37Bob Avellini1977126.589Chicago BearsDetroit Lions
36Dak Prescott2021127.101Dallas CowboysLas Vegas Raiders
35Len Dawson1968128.602Kansas City ChiefsHouston Oilers
34Gary Danielson1984131.965Detroit LionsGreen Bay Packers
33Danny White1985132.802Dallas CowboysSt. Louis Cardinals
32Al Dorow1960132.829New York TitansDallas Texans
31Don Meredith1967133.891Dallas CowboysSt. Louis Cardinals
30Tobin Rote1951136.3Green Bay PackersDetroit Lions
29Matthew Stafford2014136.608Detroit LionsChicago Bears
28Robert Griffin III2012137.277WashingtonDallas Cowboys
27Derek Carr2021137.581Las Vegas RaidersDallas Cowboys
26Jason Garrett1994138.055Dallas CowboysGreen Bay Packers
25Eric Hipple1985142.488Detroit LionsNew York Jets
24Mac Jones2022149.039New England PatriotsMinnesota Vikings
23Bobby Layne1951150.413Detroit LionsGreen Bay Packers
22Roger Staubach1971151.707Dallas CowboysLos Angeles Rams
21Tobin Rote1952156.913Green Bay PackersDetroit Lions
20Ben Roethlisberger2016160.537Pittsburgh SteelersIndianapolis Colts
19Tony Romo2009163.312Dallas CowboysOakland Raiders
18Tony Romo2008163.48Dallas CowboysSeattle Seahawks
17Scott Mitchell1995168.727Detroit LionsMinnesota Vikings
16Troy Aikman1998169.179Dallas CowboysMinnesota Vikings
15Bob Griese1977172.843Miami DolphinsSt. Louis Cardinals
14Aaron Rodgers2009173.181Green Bay PackersDetroit Lions
13Kirk Cousins2016175.751WashingtonDallas Cowboys
12Matthew Stafford2015183.152Detroit LionsPhiladelphia Eagles
11Randall Cunningham1998189.881Minnesota VikingsDallas Cowboys
10Jay Fiedler2003191.15Miami DolphinsDallas Cowboys
9Deshaun Watson2020194.121Houston TexansDetroit Lions
8Greg Landry1970197.15Detroit LionsOakland Raiders
7Peyton Manning2004198.326Indianapolis ColtsDetroit Lions
6Brett Favre2007206.747Green Bay PackersDetroit Lions
5Tony Romo2006219.098Dallas CowboysTampa Bay Buccaneers
4Tom Brady2012233.901New England PatriotsNew York Jets
3Tom Brady2010241.23New England PatriotsDetroit Lions
2Dave Krieg1994251.397Detroit LionsBuffalo Bills
1Philip Rivers2017269.125Los Angeles ChargersDallas Cowboys

We’ve already broken this table down in a number of different ways for you.

If you’re curious about the bottom 10 Thanksgiving QB performances since 1950, you can read about Dan Marino’s awful day and the rest of the worst entries. Similarly, the Philip Rivers masterpiece and multiple Tom Brady outings are featured in a look at the top 10 Thanksgiving QB performances.

But what about the quarterbacks who have put together the best and worst Turkey Day careers?

Well, we’ve got you covered there, as well.

Dating back to 1950, 186 different quarterbacks have logged at least one qualified game (five or more total passes, rushes, and sacks taken), and they’re sorted below from least productive to most productive. Don’t be surprised when single-game samples yield some strange results since you’re likely looking at the names “Dan Marino” and “Eli Manning” already.

RankPlayerQualified GamesTYA
186Joey Harrington6-345.12
185Dan Marino1-244.255
184Alex Smith2-241.733
183Cliff Stoudt1-239.241
182Eli Manning2-237.354
181Milt Plum4-216.92
180Jim Harbaugh2-215.657
179Brian Sipe1-206.398
178Carson Palmer1-186.878
177Colin Kaepernick1-184.705
176Tom Dublinski2-180.486
175Jonathan Quinn1-178.374
174Matt Ryan2-170.816
173Drew Bledsoe2-166.585
172Scott Tolzien1-142.972
171Rodney Peete1-142.941
170John McCormick1-141.979
169Jon Kitna3-137.583
168Earl Morrall4-135.768
167Scott Brunner1-135.398
166Gary Marangi1-130.788
165Sam Adkins1-129.729
164Mike Phipps1-125.557
163Matt Flynn1-124.768
162Bob Williams1-124.087
161Steve Tensi2-117.487
RankPlayerQualified GamesTYA
160Troy Aikman10-113.197
159Jay Cutler2-108.666
158Jim Hart4-108.024
157Colt McCoy1-104.729
156Bruce Gradkowski2-98.32
155Charley Johnson2-97.693
154Joe Reed1-95.408
153Tony Eason1-95.327
152Kellen Clemens1-92.584
151Drew Henson1-91.474
150Pete Beathard2-89.208
149Jim Ninowski3-83.513
148Daryle Lamonica4-78.844
147Babe Parilli2-77.252
146Mike McMahon2-76.602
145Trevor Siemian1-76.46
144Rusty Hilger1-76.303
143Marty Domres1-73.197
142Neil O’Donnell1-69.073
141Mark Malone1-68.791
RankPlayerQualified GamesTYA
140M.C. Reynolds1-68.099
139Chuck Long2-66.378
138Mark Rypien1-64.164
137Jim Zorn1-63.439
136Don Trull1-62.047
135Shaun Hill1-58.876
134Joe Ferguson2-58.294
133Karl Sweetan2-56.98
132Frank Tripucka3-56.868
131Ed Rutkowski1-55.877
130George Ratterman1-54.824
129Kurt Warner1-52.897
128Matt Hasselbeck1-49.568
127John Elway1-47.403
126Andy Dalton2-46.27
125Quincy Carter1-44.902
124Jake Plummer2-44.599
123Sam Bradford1-43.856
122Brian Griese1-43.424
121Matt Schaub1-41.772
RankPlayerQualified GamesTYA
120Vinny Testaverde1-41.349
119Jeff Komlo1-41.331
118Steve DeBerg1-41.129
117Mike Livingston1-40.748
116Craig Krenzel1-36.049
115Joe Kapp1-35.473
114Danny Wuerffel1-33.74
113Johnny Unitas1-33.165
112Kordell Stewart1-32.83
111George Shaw1-32.336
110Norm Snead1-29.43
109Bill Munson2-27.454
108Jim Miller1-26.681
107Len Dawson4-24.169
106Lamar McHan1-23.793
105Dan Orlovsky1-22.87
104Bobby Thomason1-21.85
103Matt Cassel1-19.921
102Cam Newton1-19.856
101Ryan Leaf1-19.685
RankPlayerQualified GamesTYA
100Trent Green1-19.101
99Jeff Garcia1-17.457
98Matthew Stafford10-12.473
97Mark Sanchez4-10.917
96Kent Graham1-10.849
95Chase Daniel1-10.669
94Daniel Jones1-5.128
93Lynn Dickey1-3.504
92Vince Evans2-0.792
91Bill Kenney21.603
90Kerry Collins12.822
89Gus Frerotte22.992
88Chad Hutchinson13.946
87Bart Starr84.465
86Damon Huard15.006
85Rudy Bukich15.794
84George Blanda36.983
83Erik Kramer39.66
82David Blough111.279
81Steve McNair113.726
RankPlayerQualified GamesTYA
80Don Breaux115.451
79Glenn Carano116.527
78Joe Namath117.081
77Tommy Kramer120.387
76Jim Hardy124.721
75Matt McGloin126.084
74Craig Morton430.429
73Matt Moore132.649
72Jim Kelly134.282
71Johnny Green235.513
70Joe Flacco236.557
69Jacky Lee136.725
68Bernie Kosar137.274
67Steve Fuller138.286
66Paul McDonald139.201
65Tom Flores240.752
64Rich Gannon144.107
63Steve Pelluer244.39
62Kyle Orton145.23
61Steve Beuerlein146.945
RankPlayerQualified GamesTYA
60Cotton Davidson247.444
59Joe Theismann150.686
58Michael Vick151.303
57Gary Danielson552.507
56Daunte Culpepper257.974
55Russell Wilson162.937
54Steve Spurrier167.694
53Frank Ryan168.141
52John Hadl468.162
51Cody Carlson172.863
50Ken O’Brien176.203
49Jared Goff282.244
48Jack Kemp382.717
47Steve Bono182.957
46Billy Kilmer284.785
45Wade Wilson288.019
44James Harris192.952
43Mitchell Trubisky194.39
42Warren Moon294.95
41Dan Pastorini1100.356
RankPlayerQualified GamesTYA
40Drew Brees3101.688
39John Rauch1104.718
38Roman Gabriel2106.407
37Josh Allen2107.286
36Bob Gagliano2109.643
35Clint Longley1110.005
34Don Meredith3115.155
33Donovan McNabb1115.809
32Charlie Batch3123.594
31Case Keenum1126.338
30John Brodie2126.709
29Neil Lomax2130.227
28Bob Avellini2130.676
27Robert Griffin III1137.277
26Derek Carr1137.581
25Jason Garrett1138.055
24Mac Jones1149.039
23Randy Wright2150.842
22Bobby Layne8152.661
21Roger Staubach7165.004
RankPlayerQualified GamesTYA
20Greg Landry8178.95
19Dak Prescott6187.637
18Jay Fiedler1191.15
17Deshaun Watson1194.121
16Aaron Rodgers3194.188
15Ben Roethlisberger2211.311
14Kirk Cousins3220.84
13Eric Hipple4228.204
12Tony Romo9238.961
11Al Dorow2245.271
10Bob Griese2261.26
9Peyton Manning2265.044
8Philip Rivers1269.125
7Tobin Rote7269.628
6Scott Mitchell3274.447
5Randall Cunningham2308.741
4Danny White7344.21
3Dave Krieg2356.42
2Brett Favre4384.598
1Tom Brady3470.737

Not interested in the many, many players — 106 of them, in fact — who have suited up just once on Thanksgiving? That’s understandable, and we’ve still got you covered.

Below, you can see the career standings for all 36 quarterbacks with at least three qualified Turkey Day appearances:

RankPlayerQualified GamesTYA
36Joey Harrington6-345.12
35Milt Plum4-216.92
34Jon Kitna3-137.583
33Earl Morrall4-135.768
32Troy Aikman10-113.197
31Jim Hart4-108.024
30Jim Ninowski3-83.513
29Daryle Lamonica4-78.844
28Frank Tripucka3-56.868
27Len Dawson4-24.169
26Matthew Stafford10-12.473
25Mark Sanchez4-10.917
24Bart Starr84.465
23George Blanda36.983
22Erik Kramer39.66
21Craig Morton430.429
20Gary Danielson552.507
19John Hadl468.162
18Jack Kemp382.717
17Drew Brees3101.688
16Josh Allen3107.286
15Don Meredith3115.155
14Charlie Batch3123.594
13Bobby Layne8152.661
12Roger Staubach7165.004
11Greg Landry8178.95
10Dak Prescott6187.637
9Aaron Rodgers3194.188
8Kirk Cousins3220.84
7Eric Hipple4228.204
6Tony Romo9238.961
5Tobin Rote7269.628
4Scott Mitchell3274.447
3Danny White7344.21
2Brett Favre4384.598
1Tom Brady3470.737

Calling Joey Harrington the worst Thanksgiving QB performer in Turkey Day history feels about right.

He’s the all-time last-place finisher in cumulative TYA with a 2-4 record and went 96-of-171 (56.1%) for 978 yards (163 per game), four touchdowns, and eight interceptions. Beyond that, he took nine sacks for 51 yards, rushed nine times for seven yards, and put the ball on the ground via fumble on four separate occasions.

That’s … not ideal.

Tom Brady throws a pass for the New England Patriots on Thanksgiving Day in 2012.
Tom Brady of the New England Patriots in action against the New York Jets on Nov. 22, 2012 | Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

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On the flip side, Tom Brady is a threat to finish atop any list of positive quarterback performances, and the trend holds true here.

In the GOAT’s three qualified appearances — his career debut in relief of Drew Bledsoe is not included since he had just three relevant plays — he compiled a 3-0 record while going 57-of-84 (67.9%) for 874 yards (291.3 per game), seven touchdowns, and just one pick. He added 18 yards and a rushing touchdown on 11 carries, never fumbled, and took a single sack for a three-yard loss.

Maybe Brady’s dominance should be added to the collection of Thanksgiving Day staples.

All Total Yards Added stats courtesy of Sports Math Network unless otherwise indicated.