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Stephen A. Smith is never going to let anyone get away with talking smack about him. Whether it be his ESPN First Take co-host, Max Kellerman, another colorful personality on the ESPN network, or even a random Twitter hater, Smith is going to clap back with his best insult every time.

On Tuesday, Smith clearly had some extra time on his hands, and he began responding to Twitter users chirping him online. The famed ESPN personality went ballistic on a certain hater who had the nerve to compare him to his ex-partner, Skip Bayless. Someone clearly struck a nerve.

Stephen A. Smith isn’t afraid to call out his haters

If there’s one ESPN personality you don’t want to mess with online, it’s Stephen A. Smith. The longtime reporter and on-air personality has made a living off winning debates against the smuggest talking heads ESPN has to offer. If he decides to clap back at you on Twitter, you simply have no chance of winning that argument.

Smith has an extensive history of destroying folks who come at him online. For instance, Smith responded to a user last year who insisted the ESPN layoffs were partly his fault. He wasn’t having any of it.

“You might be able to get over it if you’d done your damn homework. I generate revenue clown. I bring money to help KEEP JOBS, not lose them. Know who the F&^%$ you’re talking about before opening your mouth. If you didn’t know you should’ve asked somebody,” Smith wrote in his response.

On Tuesday, Smith had some time to peruse his Twitter mentions, and he unleashed on a few unsuspecting followers.

“Ain’t a damn thing clownish about me. Unless I want to be. People who say that are just pissed i’m in the position to say what the hell I say. I know exactly what it’s all about. I see it a mile away. They can’t stand that I’m sitting here. And I LOVE IT,” Smith responded to a user who called him a clown.

But that wasn’t even the worst of it.

Stephen A. Smith goes ballistic on a random Twitter hater

Something clearly had Stephen A. Smith in his feels on Tuesday morning. Maybe he wasn’t happy with his performance on First Take earlier in the day. Maybe it was something going on at home. But maybe he just felt like stirring up the pot.

After one random user said he doesn’t know whether he hates Smith or Bayless more, Smith went ballistic on the foolish hater.

“I could give a flying F&*^ what you believe. Watch the show and STHU. Or don’t watch it. I won’t miss you,” Smith tweeted in a savage response.

Stop coming at Stephen A. Smith on Twitter


Stephen A. Smith Just Took to Twitter and Did Exactly What LeBron James Refused to Do: ‘King James, It Really Is Necessary’

It’s normally harmless to chirp a sports media personality or athlete on Twitter because they don’t take the time to respond or let alone read what you have to say about them. But Stephen A. Smith isn’t your typical personality.

Smith habitually responds to his biggest haters online, and he always comes out on top. Every time you tag Smith in a hateful tweet, just know you have a good chance of going viral for all the wrong reasons.

Tread lightly around Stephen A.’s Twitter account from now on.