Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson Postponed To A Later Date

The fight between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson has been postponed. Why has the boxing match been called off? Will the fight be rescheduled? Find out more details below. Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson Postponed To A Later Date Unfortunately Jake Paul and Mike Tyson will not face-off on July 20 as planned. Tyson’s recent […]

Dan Girolamo  •  31 May 2024
Antonio Brown and Mike Tyson Explain How They Had a Much Different Way of Handling Their Money

Former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown was a recent guest on Mike Tyson’s podcast.

Mike Thomas  •  14 Sep 2023
Dana White In Awe of How Mike Tyson Handles His Celebrity Status

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson recently spoke about what it’s like for him when he’s out in public.

Mike Thomas  •  12 Aug 2023
Mike Tyson and Stephen A Smith Have Vastly Different Definitions of the Word ‘Beauty’

Former heavyweight boxing champ Mike Tyson clearly has a different take on the word “beauty” than ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith.

Mike Thomas  •  15 Jun 2023
The Undertaker Tells Mike Tyson How a Simple Basketball Drill Put His Wrestling Career In Motion

The Undertaker explained to Mike Tyson how one basketball drill removed all stress and allowed him to focus on wrestling.

Mike Thomas  •  18 Feb 2023
Mike Tyson Sat Down With Cheech & Chong, and It Went Just About As You’d Expect

Putting Mike Tyson and Cheech & Chong together made for quite an interesting interview.

Mike Thomas  •  09 Dec 2022
Mike Tyson, Tony Hawk Reminisce About How Their Iconic Video Games Triggered Their First Meeting

Mike Tyson and Tony Hawk recently reflected on their iconic video games when they got together on Tyson’s podcast.

Mike Thomas  •  07 Nov 2022
Mike Tyson Explains Why He Only Flies Commercial: Private Planes Are Out of My League

There’s a good reason why Mike Tyson will never fly on a private plane.

Mike Thomas  •  24 May 2023
Mike Tyson on What He Sees When He Looks in the Mirror: ‘I See a Little Boy That Tricked the World’

Mike Tyson is a completely different person now that his life of boxing is over.

Mike Thomas  •  20 Jul 2022