Mike Tyson Makes Jaw-Dropping Comment About His Mother

Mike Tyson recently said one of the best things that happened to him was when his mother died when he was 16.

Mike Thomas  •  22 Feb 2022
Mike Tyson Passing Cus D’Amato’s Intense Advice to His Daughter

Mike Tyson has quickly learned to become a tennis dad, and he’s passing some advice he learned from Cus D’Amato to his daughter.

Mike Thomas  •  23 Dec 2021
The Buffalo Bills Have a ‘Mike Tyson Quality,’ According to Colin Cowherd: ‘If They Feel Weakness, They Pounce on You’

The 2021 Buffalo Bills are incredibly talented, yet flawed, just like legendary boxer Mike Tyson, according to radio host Colin Cowherd, and now face the biggest fight of their season vs. the New England Patriots.

Tim Crean  •  03 Dec 2021
Tim Witherspoon Blasts Logan Paul and His Brother for ‘Conning’ Boxing Fans: ‘Mike Tyson Will Kill Him’

Tim Witherspoon recently said Logan and Jake Paul are disrespecting legitimate boxers and conning boxing fans.

Mike Thomas  •  26 Nov 2021
Mike Tyson Shockingly Admits to Punching Fans in the Face When They Asked for His Autograph: ‘My Life Was Just Miserable, I Was Out of Control’

Mike Tyson used to lash out at fans when he couldn’t control his anger, but he’s found a helpful solution in retirement.

Jack Dougherty  •  04 Nov 2021
Joe Frazier May Have Made a Great Point Regarding Mike Tyson but His Son Quickly Ruined It

Joe Frazier may have made a good point about Mike Tyson but then lost some credibility because of his son.

Mike Thomas  •  04 Oct 2021
Mike Tyson’s First Test Under Cus D’Amato Was to Study Larry Holmes, Then ‘Iron Mike’ Greeted Him With a Devastating Knockout Blow

Larry Holmes was knocked out once in his career, and that came at the hands of Mike Tyson.

Mike Thomas  •  22 Sep 2021
Mike Tyson Suffered 2 Devastating Losses Early in His Boxing Career

Former heavyweight boxing champion of the world, Mike Tyson, overcame a pair of devastating losses early in his legendary boxing career.

Mike Thomas  •  01 Jun 2023
The Man Mike Tyson Says Was His Strongest Opponent Doesn’t Feel the Same Way and Is Still Hoping for a Rematch 35 Years Later

Mike Tyson says the strongest opponent he ever faced was Jose Ribalta, who doesn’t feel the same way and is still hoping for a rematch with Iron Mike.

Luke Norris  •  12 Aug 2021