Roger Federer’s Kids Are Pretty Underwhelmed by His Tennis Prowess

Roger Federer shares four kids with his wife, Mirka: two sets of twins.

Produced by Digital Editors  •  18 Aug 2021
Both Roger Federer and Serena Williams Could Make History at Wimbledon

Both Roger Federer and Serena Williams could make history with victories at the 2021 edition of Wimbledon.

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Roger Federer’s Net Worth Is a Massive $550 Million, But He Has a Simple Plan for Retirement

Roger Federer’s net worth is massive thanks to his tennis career and endorsements. In retirement, however, he’ll keep things pretty simple.

Joe Kozlowski  •  21 Feb 2022
Roger Federer Serves up Aces on the Forbes List of Highest-Paid Athletes

Roger Federer is the first tennis player to lead the Forbes list of the world’s highest-paid athletes.

John Moriello  •  30 May 2020
The Real Reason Why Roger Federer Ditched Nike For Uniqlo

In 2018, Roger Federer shocked everyone by leaving Nike and signing with clothing company Uniqlo. Many wondered about his motivation.

Rick Thomas  •  01 Mar 2020
How Much Do Professional Tennis Coaches Make?

Tennis is an individual sport, but every great player has a dedicated coach behind them. How much do these professional tennis coaches make?

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These Sports Stars Are Seemingly Far Too Old to Still Be Playing

Age is just a number — ask Tom Brady. These sports stars are among the oldest in their field.

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