Top 2023 NBA Draft Prospect Brandon Miller Summed Up the Victor Wembanyama Hype Better Than Anyone Else Has

Still unsure about just how special Victor Wembanyama is? Consider a quote from his fellow draft prospect, Brandon Miller.

Joe Kozlowski  •  26 May 2023
Shaquille O’Neal Has Apparently Seen Enough From Victor Wembanyama To Shake His Skepticism

In April 2023, Shaquille O’Neal told Sportscasting he wasn’t sure about Victor Wembanyama’s NBA future. Now, he’s singing a different tune.

Joe Kozlowski  •  25 May 2023
Victor Wembanyama Saved Millions of Dollars During the NBA Draft Lottery

Victor Wembanyama should be thrilled about playing in a state with no jock tax.

Jack Dougherty  •  17 May 2023
Why Didn’t Victor Wembanyama Attend the 2023 NBA Draft Combine?

If you hoped to see Victor Wembanyama during the 2023 NBA Draft Combine action, you’re were sorely disappointed.

Joe Kozlowski  •  23 Jun 2023
2023 NBA Draft Lottery: Where Is Victor Wembanyama Most Likely to End Up?

While any first overall pick can be a game-changer, Victor Wembanyama looks to be in a league of his own. But where is he most likely to end up?

Joe Kozlowski  •  02 May 2023
Victor Wembanyama’s NBA ‘Priority’ Could Be Either a Blessing or a Curse

At this point, we’re getting closer and closer to seeing Victor Wembanya in the NBA. His goal in the Association, however, could be a problem.

Joe Kozlowski  •  23 Jun 2023
Shaquille O’Neal Admits That He’s ‘More on the Skeptical Side’ About Victor Wembanyama’s NBA Future

Think Victor Wembanyama is a surefire NBA star? Shaquille O’Neal gave Sportscasting a take you might want to consider.

Joe Kozlowski  •  11 Apr 2023
WATCH: Victor Wembanyama Proves Exactly How Special He Is With a Single Highlight-Reel Sequence

If you have any reservations about Victor Wembanyama and his clear NBA potential, just consider a single highlight clip from his game against Monaco.

Joe Kozlowski  •  07 Apr 2023
Victor Wembanyama Height: A Single Selfie Has NBA Fans Dreaming of the Future

Curious about how tall Victor Wembanyama actually is? Just consider a selfie he took inside of an elevator.

Joe Kozlowski  •  30 Mar 2023