Victor Wembanyama Highlights Have Already Racked Up 1 Billion Views

Victor Wembanyama continues to dominate: his highlights have just surpassed one billion views on the NBA’s social networks, and the video of his dunk against the Boston Celtics on December 31 is the most viewed video ever on the league’s platforms in North America. Victor Wembanyama is still going strong. The San Antonio Spurs big […]

SportsCasting Editors  •  29 Feb 2024
Victor Wembanyama Highlights: The 3 Games That Launched the NBA Player to Stardom as a Teen

These three Victor Wembanyama highlights predicted the French basketball player’s rise to stardom in the NBA when he was just a teen.

Ashley Swallow  •  29 Jul 2023
Victor Wembanyama Says He Was Born to Be ‘Original’ as He Sets a Unique Goal for His NBA Career

Victor Wembanyama’s rise from his humble beginnings in France to the first overall pick of the NBA draft illustrates a part of his mentality.

J.L. Seto  •  28 Jul 2023
Draymond Green Shares His Grand Plan to Defend Against Victor Wembanyama

How do you stop Victor Wembanyama from scoring? Draymond Green has some early ideas.

Joe Kozlowski  •  05 Jul 2023
Charles Barkley Offers Harsh Dose of Reality to Victor Wembanyama and Other NBA Rookies

Charles Barkley got straight to the point when talking about what rookies can expect in their first year in the NBA.

Mike Thomas  •  29 Jun 2023
Victor Wembanyama Opts for the Modern Era in Naming His All-Time NBA Starting Lineup

Victor Wembanyama names his all-time NBA starting five.

Luke Norris  •  27 Jun 2023
Victor Wembanyama Showed the Best and Worst of His Athleticism In the Span of a Few Hours

While Victor Wembanyama can apparently kick a ball 10 feet in the air, you might not want to sign him as your baseball team’s starting pitcher.

Joe Kozlowski  •  22 Jun 2023
The NBA’s Most Successful French Players Pre-Victor Wembanyama

We’ve ranked the most successful French basketball players. Someday, we’ll likely see Victor Wembanyama on this list, too.

Rita DeMichiel  •  20 Jun 2023
Victor Wembanyama Stats: How the Basketball Phenom’s Height, Weight, and Shoe Size Compare to NBA Stars

Victor Wembanyama’s physical stats are part of what makes him the greatest NBA prospect since LeBron James.

Ashley Swallow  •  14 Jun 2023