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As you lay on the couch Friday fighting off your Thanksgiving dinner hangover, The Match 3: Champions for Change is here to help you recover. Steph Curry, Peyton Manning, Phil Mickelson, and Charles Barkley will tee it up at Stone Canyon Golf Club in Arizona on Friday in the most intriguing televised match yet.

All four athletes have enjoyed incredible careers in their respective sports, but which one has the highest net worth?

The Match 3 is set for Friday at 3 p.m. ET

Four of the most famous athletes in the world will tee it up Friday afternoon in The Match 3: Champions for Change. Steph Curry will team up with Peyton Manning to play against Phil Mickelson and Charles Barkley. Besides the actual competition, the event will benefit HBCUs across the country. The money raised will be used to fund golf and sports journalism programs at various universities.

The Match 3 will be a modified version of the alternate shot format. All four players will hit tee shots, then they will switch balls with their teammate to play their second shots. Both teams will then pick the best second shot and play the same ball into the hole from there.

Curry and Manning are big favorites in the match, as they currently sit at -175 odds to win. Mickelson is obviously the best golfer of the bunch, but Barkley’s unique and uncomfortable swing will most likely hold the team back.

The combined net worth of Curry, Manning, Mickelson, and Barkley is $830 million

These four athletes haven’t just been successful on the court, on the field, and on the golf course, but they’ve also built up incredible net worths along the way.

Barkley comes into the match with the lowest net worth at $50 million. He only earned $40.6 million from his 14 seasons in the NBA, but his analyst gig at TNT has built up his net worth in recent years.

Curry comes in next at $130 million. He’s the youngest of the bunch at 32 years old, but he’s already earned over $200 million in the NBA. Curry recently signed a five-year, $201 million max contract that made him one of the highest-paid players in NBA history. His net worth will only explode in the future.

Manning has both Barkley and Curry beat with a $250 million net worth. The 44-year-old earned $248 million in his 18 years in the NFL, and he’s signed multiple endorsement contracts along the way.

Phil Mickelson has the highest net worth in The Match 3


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Phil Mickelson isn’t just the best golfer in The Match 3. He’s also the richest by a wide margin. Mickelson has built up a massive $400 million net worth over his long and storied career.

Mickelson is the second-highest paid golfer in PGA Tour history behind just Tiger Woods. He’s earned over $92 million in his career thanks to 44 PGA Tour wins.

But the only money Mickelson will be thinking about Friday is the funds he will be raising to help HBCUs. Mickelson will be dialed in to exact revenge on Manning for besting him in The Match 2, but he’ll have to overcome Barkley’s ugly hitch to do so.

All net worth figures courtesy of Celebrity Net Worth