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Whatever the problem is, Troy Aikman wasn’t too happy with a report from Pro Football Talk that came out Thursday. The story was regarding the firing of former Philadelphia Eagles coach Doug Pederson, and Aikman was quoted in the story. Aikman took to Twitter regarding the publication, writing, “Not even close to what was said.”

The Eagles had a rough 2020

The Philadelphia Eagles, just three years removed from their Super Bowl title, had a very ugly 2020. While the entire NFC East was atrocious, the Eagles were the lone team from the division that was not in the playoff mix in the final week of the season. They finished with a 4-11-1 record.

The final game also became a hot topic of conversation and may have ultimately led to head coach Doug Pederson’s firing. While the Eagles weren’t in playoff contention during their Sunday night game with the Washington Football Team, the game still had implications for two teams. If Washington won, it was in. If Philadelphia won, the New York Giants were in.

The short-handed Eagles hung tough and were within a touchdown in the second half when Pederson replaced quarterback Jalen Hurts with third-string quarterback Nate Sudfeld. The move raised eyebrows and prompted many, including Giants head coach Joe Judge to say the Eagles disrespected the game. With the loss, the Eagles got a higher draft pick and will select sixth in the 2021 NFL draft. Had they won, they would have picked ninth.

Doug Pederson was fired soon after

Despite the team’s 4-11-1 record, Doug Pederson was expected to remain with the Philadelphia Eagles for the 2021 season. Team owner Jeffrey Lurie changed course earlier this month. He fired the man who helped bring a Super Bowl to the city in February of 2018.

“My first allegiance is, what will be best for the Philadelphia Eagles and our fans for the next three, four, five years. It’s not based on does someone deserve to hold their job or deserve to get fired; that’s a different bar,” Lurie said, according to ESPN. “It’s not about, ‘Did Doug deserve to be let go?’ No, he did not deserve to be let go. That’s not where I’m coming from, and that’s not the bar in the evaluation process.”

The Eagles benched starting quarterback, their $128 million man, in favor of rookie Jalen Hurts. Lurie said the decision to fire Pederson wasn’t tied to anything specifically linked to the quarterback situation. Lurie did suggest a new coach might help get Wentz back on the right track.

Troy Aikman tries to set the record straight

In a story published Thursday by Pro Football Talk, Fox announcer Troy Aikman said he reached out to Pederson after the firing. Aikman has an extensive quote in the story and the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback took to Twitter on Thursday to say, “Not even close to what was said.”

In the story, Aikman was quoted as saying, “I reached out to Doug Pederson yesterday when I heard the news,” Aikman said. “What I gathered it came down to was a difference of opinion as to how they’re moving forward at the quarterback position, is what I sensed. Jeff Lurie, the owner, has paid a lot of money to Carson Wentz, and they’re on the hook with him, they can’t get out of that contract right away. It’s my belief that Doug Pederson felt that Jalen Hurts is probably the quarterback going forward. And how does that mesh?”

The headline to the story read: Troy Aikman: Doug Pederson wanted Jalen Hurts, Jeffrey Lurie wanted Carson Wentz. It’s unclear if Aikman was upset that he was misquoted or if he felt the headline was misleading. In either case, Aikman has a problem with Pro Football Talk and he’s letting people know about it.


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