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Family members in collegiate and professional sports can create unique circumstances. Playing against a family member becomes even more complicated when twin brothers are members of crosstown rival teams.

Marcus Morris, who was recently traded from the New York Knicks to the Los Angeles Clippers, and his twin brother Markieff, who joined the LA Lakers in February, may find themselves meeting in LA during the 2019-20 playoffs. Lakers and Clippers fans across the country are hoping for a chance to see the Morris twins face off in a playoff series.  

Who are Marcus and Markieff Morris?

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According to, Marcus and Markieff Morris are 30-year-old twins from Kansas that have each spent the past eight years in the NBA. Though both players have been members of several teams since 2011, they both currently call one of the two Los Angeles-based teams home.

Marcus plays for the Clippers, while Markieff is a member of the Lakers. Prior to joining the NBA, both played for the University of Kansas Jayhawks. Although they play for separate teams, the brothers are neck and neck in total career points: Marcus has 7,248 and Markieff has 7,250. 

A weird NBA season

With the plan in place for the NBA playoffs, fans are more eager than ever to watch players return to the court. It will be a much different atmosphere than a typical NBA playoff series.

Teams will only have a few weeks to prepare for the shortened schedule and playoffs. This means that the NBA Championship could be more wide-open than ever.

Marcus and Markieff Morris may meet in L.A. playoffs if the season continues

When the NBA season resumes, Marcus and Markieff Morris may find themselves playing against each other in LA. The rival teams played one of the last games before the season came to a halt, with the Lakers earning a 112-103 win over the Clippers back on March 8.

They were next scheduled to meet on April 9 for a game that is now postponed indefinitely, which had already postponed once following the death of Kobe Bryant earlier in the season. Both teams’ current records indicate that, should the rest of the season happen, the crosstown rivals are likely to meet in the playoffs. 

The twins have expressed an interest in potentially living together now that they are playing in the same city. Although they play for separate teams, both will attend practices and games at the same stadium, as the Staples Center is home to both NBA teams, as well as the LA Sparks women’s basketball team and the LA Kings hockey team.

Sharing a home and commute will allow the brothers to remain close in their new city, even though their teams maintain one of the strongest rivalries in the NBA.

All stats courtesy of Basketball Reference