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.Mn have dominated sports analyst jobs for decades, with change only occurring in the last 10 years. One of the most celebrated and undervalued analysts is Doris Burke. She continues to work as an NBA analyst for ESPN and ABC. Burke’s greatest visibility occurs during the NBA Finals where she conducts on-court sideline interviews with star players.

How much Burke makes, though, is worth examining as she helped break the glass ceiling for female sportscasters. Does she meet equal pay with her male contemporaries? Based on official reports, she is doing well. However, a look at her career offers a better context on her true worth.

How Doris Burke started in sports broadcasting

Burke was a basketball player herself when attending Providence College in Providence, Rhode Island. There, she played basketball with the Providence Friars, ultimately playing point guard.

Her time there showed off her impressive skills as a player. She was voted Co-Female Athlete of the Year during her senior year, reports, following several opportunities in taking the team to the Big East Conference.

Not long after graduating at her alma mater, she landed a job doing play-by-play announcing on the radio for women’s college basketball games. Within a year, she was hired by ESPN to cover the WNBA.

As a 29-year vet of ESPN, she also became the first woman to cover men’s college basketball on TV. She was even the first woman sports commentator for a New York Knicks game back in 2000.

Working for ABC Sports

Burke’s career with ESPN has been long and fruitful, though it expanded thanks to ABC being connected to the network. ABC Sports hired Burke as their sideline reporter for the NBA Finals starting in 2009; she became the full-time in-game analyst in 2017.

Every year, she makes an effort to get into the thick of the drama right on the court. No women before her were seen going up front to interview the players in the middle of a game and the post-reactions.

Nowadays, the players are more than happy to see her thanks to the respect she gains. Nevertheless, her sportscasting talent still goes far too unsung. While Burke has various awards, including an honorary Basketball Hall of Fame Curt Gowdy Media Award, her net worth might be scrutinized for whether it really equals her male counterparts, according to ESPN.

Doris Burke’s net worth is smaller than it should be

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Burke is currently worth $4 million, with a $1 million annual salary. This may seem small when looking at all she does for ABC Sports.

Said ESPN Executive Vice President Connor Schell about signing Burke to a longer contract: “Doris is exceptional at what she does. Her ability, knowledge, passion, and versatility are virtually unmatched and it’s evident every time she calls a game. She is dedicated to documenting the sport for the fans in the most prepared and informed manner possible. Our NBA coverage is better because of Doris and we’re thrilled that she’ll be with us for a long time to come.”

In comparison, reports Daily Choices, sports analysts like Mike Tirico make $3 million per year over at NBC Sports. Other names like Jon Gruden and Chris Fowler (both work at ESPN) also earn substantially more annually.

Regardless of that, Burke has major respect across the industry, with likely raises to come when her EPSN contract plays out. Most important of all is how Burke influences other women to go into sports broadcasting. Seeing her front and center during the NBA Finals no doubt makes millions of girls with basketball dreams realize they can do the same thing after playing basketball professionally.