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Jacoby Brissett is in the driver’s seat for the Indianapolis Colts this year, especially after securing a $30 million dollar contract. The new contract is a 2-year deal, with a guaranteed $20 million dollars. Brissett has lead the Colts to a respectable start of the season. What does his contract mean for this year and the future of the Colts?

Jacoby Brissett bumps into the big leagues

With the new contract in place, Brissett’s income goes from a guaranteed $2 million to $20 million, a big jump for the quarterback who started only two games for the New England Patriots in 2016 as Tom Brady’s replacement.

Jacoby Brissett began his career with the New England Patriots as a third-round draft pick.  He got picked up by the Colts September 2, 2017 after starting quarterback Andrew Luck got injured.

Jacoby Brissett replaces retired starter Andrew Luck

With the unanticipated retirement of the Colts starting quarterback Andrew Luck in August, Brissett went from backup to starter in a matter of minutes. Looking at a future without their starter in place, the Colts quickly made a move to secure Brissett for the near future.

He’s ready for the 2019-2020 season, as he’s been practicing with the team all offseason and was taking reps as teh started. The 26 year old shows plenty of promise for the Colts, and is a quarterback in control who isn’t afraid to take chances. The new contract secures Brissett for two years instead of at the end of his rookie contract in 2020.

Career yards and stats

With a total number of career yards thrown in the NFL of 3,800, plus 18 touchdowns and 8 interceptions, Brissett is a quarterback just starting out in what is hoped to be a long career.

His new contract shows the commitment the Colts have to Brissett, and hopes are high that the investment is going to be worth it. Despite being 1-1 on the year, Brissett has played well in both games so far.

In control during his first start

Despite a 30-24 loss in the regular-season opener on September 9 to the Chargers, Brissett’s performance as the top gun for the Colts shows plenty of promise for the team who just lost their starting quarterback a few short weeks ago.

Brissett was cool, calm and collected, passing for 190 yards and two touchdowns. ”He was in complete control,” coach Fred Reich said of his quarterback. ”He was poised. He knew what he wanted, and he made it work.”

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Brissett Shows Promise In Season Opener

Brissett showed no signs of nerves when he pulled the Colts out of a 15-point deficit in his debut as a starter. He was steady. He was poised, and he tied the game up in the fourth quarter. With 38 seconds left of the game, Brissett hit T.Y. Hilton for a 19-yard touchdown. With the game tied up, the Colts lost the coin toss and the L.A. Chargers marched the ball 80 yards and scored.

When asked how he stayed so calm out on the field, Brissett is quoted saying that he uses meditation anywhere he can, on the bus, in the locker room. He is focused and he knows what it takes to win. Brissett is just breaking out as a starting quarterback and has the skills, drive, and attitude it takes to be the leader of a team.

With Brissett in place, his teammates have confidence that he is going to start adding to his win column. Despite being thrown into the driver’s seat, it’s the chance every quarterback works hard for. His new contract secures his place with the Colts for now and he’s not interested in letting his team down. He’ll work hard, he’ll stay focused, and he’ll get the Colts out on top.