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The LA Clippers have not had a lot of great teams throughout the years. Compared to the other NBA team residing in LA too, they have always been considered the little brother in their own town. However, despite the franchise being one of the worst in all of sports (in terms of success), the Clippers have still had a lot of great players to play for them. So, who is the team’s all-time leading scorer?

The LA Clippers have not had much success throughout the years

After spending some years in San Diego, the Clippers became the LA Clippers in the 1984-85 season. They were instantly awful too, losing 50-plus games in each of their first seven seasons in LA. 

The Clippers didn’t make the playoffs until the 1991-92 season, and they ultimately lost in the first round in back-to-back years. After those two seasons, the Clippers only made the playoffs twice from 1993-94 and 2010-11.

It wasn’t until recently that the team consistently started finding success. During the Blake Griffin era, when they also had players like Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan, the Clippers went to the playoffs in six consecutive seasons from 2011-12 through 2016-17. They then missed the playoffs in 2017-18, but then went back in 2018-19, without Griffin, Paul, and Jordan.

This year, the Clippers are among the best teams in the entire league. They have Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, and they have the potential to win their first championship in franchise history.

Who are some of the franchise’s top scorers of all-time?

The Los Angeles Clippers haven't had very many great teams throughout the years. So, who is the team's all-time leading scorer?
The Los Angeles Clippers’ logo on the court during a game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Clippers on March 8, 2020. | Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

You might be familiar with some of the Clippers’ top scorers in franchise history. DeAndre Jordan is eighth all-time in the franchise’s history as he scored 7,078 points during his time on the Clippers. 

Then, No. 7 is Danny Manning, who scored 7,120, and No. 6 is Chris Paul. He only played in six seasons with the Clippers, but he scored 7,674 points while with the team.

The names in the three, four, and five spots probably sound familiar too. Corey Maggette is right above Paul at five with 8,835, and above him is Elton Brand at No. 4 with 9,336. The Hall of Famer, Bob McAdoo, is third on the list with 9,434 points.

So, who are first and second? You probably know No. 2, but, depending on how old you are, you might not know No. 1.

Randy Smith is the Clippers’ all-time leading scorer


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At No. 2 on the list is Blake Griffin, who scored 10,863 points with the Clippers. He went to the Clippers with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2009 NBA draft and ultimately became a star, earning five consecutive All-Star selections from 2010-11 through 2014-15. He also ultimately averaged 21.6 points per game and 9.3 rebounds during his seasons on the Clippers, scoring as much as 24.1 points per game in 2013-14.

The only player ahead of Griffin is Randy Smith, who actually played for the franchise back when it was the Buffalo Braves. He played for Buffalo, from 1971-72 through 1977-78, and played one season for the franchise when it was the San Diego Clippers in 1978-79. He scored 12,735 total points with the franchise.

Smith ultimately averaged 17.8 points per game during his years with the organization, scoring as much as 24.6 points per game in one season. Smith also earned two All-Star selections while with the team.

The Clippers have certainly had some tough seasons throughout the years. The team, however, has still had some great players, and that certainly includes Smith and Griffin.

Stats courtesy of Basketball Reference