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Through six weeks of the 2020 NFL season, the Dallas Cowboys are in first place in the NFC East. Good news, right? Well, yes and no. But mostly no. Yes, it’s always good to be in first place. But being 2-4 and in first place is just embarrassing, both for the Cowboys and for the NFL as a whole.

Sure, some of the Dallas Cowboys’ problems can be attributed to all of the injuries the team has suffered this season. But every team in the league has had injury problems and few are as bad as the Cowboys have been, especially on the defensive side of the football. The Dallas offense was looking great but with all of the problems the Cowboys now have on the offensive line, coupled with the fact that they’ll be without Dak Prescott for the remainder of the season, things aren’t looking great there either.

Things are getting so bad in Dallas that the players are turning on the coaching staff and fans obviously aren’t happy either. One Cowboys supporter even got so upset at the team’s performance this past Monday night against the Cardinals that he actually opened fire on his television.

The Dallas Cowboys looked terrible on ‘Monday Night Football’

It was hard to know exactly what to expect from the Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football against the Arizona Cardinals, at least from the offense. Most figured that the defense would continue to struggle, which it certainly did as the Cardinals put up their highest point total of the season in the 38-10 drubbing.

In just 60 offensive plays, compared to Dallas’ 84, Arizona racked up 438 total yards, an average of 7.3 yards per play. The Cowboys are giving up 36.3 points per game this season and if they continue at that pace, the team will easily give up the most points in NFL history.

On the offensive side of the football, Dak Prescott’s absence was certainly noticed. Andy Dalton is a very solid quarterback but he was never able to get comfortable behind a depleted Cowboys’ offensive line. It’s incredible that he was sacked only three times as he was under pressure all night long.

With Prescott out, it was thought that Ezekiel Elliott would get the ball more moving forward, which is how things started on Monday night. But after two fumbles in the first half, both of which led to Arizona touchdowns, the Cowboys went back to the air with Andy Dalton throwing 54 passes.

Overall, it was just a dreadful performance and the players are starting to mutiny.

The players are reportedly unhappy with the coaching staff

The day after the loss to the Cardinals, it was reported that numerous players were firing shots at Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy and the Dallas coaching staff. One player said that the coaching staff is “totally unprepared” while another lashed out by saying that they “just aren’t good at their jobs.”

On Wednesday, McCarthy responded by saying that he wishes that his players would have come to him and not to the media. Things are an absolute mess in Big D and fans are fed up, maybe none more so than the guy that literally took shots at the Cowboys on Monday night.

A Dallas Cowboys fan punched and shot his TV after the loss to Arizona

Dallas Cowboys
Andy Dalton | Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Mistaken for Logan Ryan, Former Giants RB Rashad Jennings Was Viciously Attacked on Social Media for Injuring Dak Prescott

As the Dallas Cowboys’ beatdown at the hands of the Cardinals was winding down on Monday night, one viewer simply couldn’t watch any longer.

In a video posted to Facebook, which can be viewed in full at TMZ Sports, a Cowboys fan in a Dak Prescott jersey whipped what appeared to be a beer can at his TV, threw three haymakers at it, threw it to the ground, and then whipped out a pistol and fired five rounds into it.

So that’s how Cowboys fans are feeling right now.

The 2-4 Dallas Cowboys take on the 1-5 Washington Football Team this Sunday.