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The story is getting stale in Green Bay. Big game at home, season on the line, and ultimate heartbreak. Four-time MVP Aaron Rodgers couldn’t get it done again when it counted.

With a playoff berth on the line, Rodgers and the Packers struggled and self-destructed. The Detroit Lions, with nothing to play for except pride, rallied for a 20-16 victory, eliminating the Green Bay Packers on the final week of the season. When it was over, the storyline turned to Rodgers’ future in Green Bay. In his postgame press conference, he asked a question that’s been posed at the end of each season lately. This time, the answer is clear.

Aaron Rodgers: ‘Is it time?’

Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers walks off the field after losing to the Detroit Lions at Lambeau Field on January 8, 2023, in Green Bay, Wisconsin. | Patrick McDermott/Getty Images.

Rodgers didn’t play well, but to put the blame fully on his shoulders is absurd. Stupid penalties, dropped balls, poor coaching decisions, and turnovers all played a role in the loss.

When the Packers lose, Rodgers takes on much of the blame, as most quarterbacks do. In Green Bay, however, there’s always much to the story after a season-ending loss. Sunday was no different as Rodgers addressed the media and spoke about his uncertain future with the team — again.

“At some point, the carousel comes to a stop, and it’s time to get off, and I think you kind of know when that is,” Rodgers said after the game, per ESPN. “And that’s what needs to be contemplated. Is it time?

“Also, what’s the organization doing? That’s part of it, as well. But the competitive fire is always going to be there. I don’t think that ever goes away. Sometimes it gets transferred, I think, to other things that might not ever fill that large void.

“But like I said, I feel good about what I’ve accomplished in this league and wouldn’t have any regrets walking away. But I got to see what it feels like once I get away from this.”

It’s time for the Packers to move on from Rodgers

Will it be tough without having a four-time MVP under center? It most certainly will, but the Packers have to do what’s best for the future of the team. That means moving on from Rodgers.

Rodgers inked a three-year $150 million extension this year. He’ll be 40 during the 2023 season. Rodgers may be the most talented quarterback the NFL has seen when he was in his prime, but he hasn’t won a meaningful game since the 2020 season when they beat the Los Angeles Rams at home in the playoffs. The Packers were the top seed and entered the game as a touchdown favorite.

The Packers were the No. 1 seed in the playoffs the last two seasons. Last year, Rodgers and the Packers put up 10 points as the San Francisco 49ers upset them at Lambeau Field in their lone playoff game. This year, they didn’t even make the postseason.

If the Packers can find a team that will take on Rodgers’ inflated contract and work out a deal, they need to make the move. The Packers are young and need some time to develop. Although they were banged up this season, Sunday’s game was the healthiest they’ve been all year, and they still couldn’t beat the Lions at home with their season on the line.

The Packers don’t need a complete rebuild, but they need a restart. Cap space is limited, with Rodgers’ deal being the main hindrance. Any picks Rodgers brings will go a long way with that restart. The Packers traded up to snag quarterback Jordan Love in 2020, and now’s the time to see what he can bring.

Rodgers was sensational and disappointing at the same time in Green Bay. His numbers speak for themselves, but a player of that caliber getting to one Super Bowl in his 15 years as a starter is the disappointing part. Thanks for the memories, but it’s time for a change in Green Bay.


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