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Former Green Bay Packers and current New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers has dominated offseason headlines in recent years. Whether it’s retirement talk, trade discussions, or a darkness retreat, there’s never a shortage of Rodgers news. In 2022, one news story that garnered much speculation was about a new Aaron Rogers tattoo. While speculation behind the meaning of the ink ran rampant, Rodgers sat down with NFL Network’s Stacey Dales and Steve Mariucci to explain his latest body art.

Aaron Rodgers tattoo meaning

Aaron Rodgers tattoo
Aaron Rodgers | Eva Marie Uzcategui/Bloomberg via Getty Images

In the last few seasons, Aaron Rodgers has become as well known for what he does off the field as what he does on it. And that’s no small feat.

On the field, Rodgers won back-to-back NFL MVP Awards in 2020 and 2021 but missed the playoffs in 2022. However, his dating lifeconspiracy theoriesvaccination status, and darkness retreat have made just as many headlines.

No matter what goes on between the lines, Rodgers’ non-football activities are always the subject of endless curiosity.

For example, in the 2022 offseason, Rodgers got a large, intricate tattoo inked on his forearm.

Initially, the body art was the subject of much speculation. The New York Post reported that it might have something to do with his “rumored girlfriend” at the time, while NBC26 in Green Bay interviewed a local “psychic medium” to parse the meaning of Aaron Rodgers’ tattoo.

In the midst of all the speculation, the NFL Network got some more information about Rodgers’ tattoo directly from the horse’s mouth.

In a 2022 interview, Stacey Dales asked Rodgers about “the meaning of the tattoo,” and the QB let fans in on some of the meaning surrounding it.


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“If you’re not a student of astrology, there’s going to be some weird things to look at on there,” the QB told Dales and former NFL coach Steve Mariucci. “But there’s three signs at the top. Aquarius on the right … Sagittarius in the middle, and Scorpio on the far left. I always said if I get a tattoo, I want to have some representation of my godson. Now I have two godsons — very thankful for that — and one of them is an Aquarius, and one of them is a Sagittarius.”

Rodgers also said that “Scorpio is the sign I most resonate with on my own natal chart.”

According to ESPN’s Rob Demovsky, Rodgers is the godfather of Packers WR Randall Cobb’s son Cade. It’s not clear who Rodgers’ second godson is.

The now-39-year-old signal-caller also shared the story of how he connected with Hungarian tattoo artist Balazs Bercsenyi to do the piece. Rodgers said it was “divine timing” that he was in Europe this offseason and had time to travel to Bercsenyi’s native country to get the artwork done.

As for the rest of the tattoo — with the eyes and the water and the two lions — Rodgers cryptically revealed, “the rest has some stuff to do with elements and some other things.”

That last explanation didn’t fully illuminate all the meaning of the Aaron Rodgers tattoo. However, if we know one thing about the one-time Super Bowl champ, he’ll probably tell someone the whole story behind a microphone someday.