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Travis Kelce drew a lot of criticism for how he interacted with Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid during Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas last month. It was one of the biggest in-game blowups in NFL history and it happened during the most-watched football game of all-time.

The 34-year-old tight end lost his mind.

Kelce ran over to Reid after running back Isaiah Pacheco fumbled the ball in the red zone during the second quarter. He was apparently upset about not being on the field for that play and told his head coach to put him in the game, because he was going to score.

However, in doing so, Kelce self-admittedly crossed a line by putting hands on Reid while yelling directly in his face. It was well-intentioned in a passionate moment, but it wrong.

Emotions often boil-over in the NFL. This was next level. Kelce almost knocked Reid over.

Things ultimately blew over after the former stated his regret for how he handled the moment. It also helped that the Chiefs won the game.

The latter also downplayed what happened as no big deal during his first opportunity to address what happened. He did so again on Thursday.

Reid made an appearance on The Herd with Colin Cowherd and spoke to the intense moment. In his eyes, the whole thing was overblown. There was no reason to freak out from how he sees it.

“I didn’t see him coming or I would have forearm ripped him,” Reid laughed. “He got me.”

While some NFL fans — and Swifties — raised character concerns about Kelce, Reid actually believes that the incident was a testament to his star tight end’s leadership.

“I love his passions and he just goes ‘Fire me up,'” he continued. “He’s the personality of our team. As great of a leader as Patrick (Mahomes) is, everyone follows Kelce. So when he’s fired up, everyone follows along in that. Do things get a little crazy? Yeah… But that’s why the job’s so great. His job’s great. My job’s great. We’re not gonna put him in the back of a police car for arguing.”

Fair enough!

The nonchalantness toward Travis Kelce’s blow up stems from who he is and his status. Most other players could not get away with what he did. And that’s okay. There are double standards in life.

Reid will handle things how he chooses. The Kansas City Chiefs won a second-straight ring!