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Chase Briscoe won his first NASCAR Cup Series race at Phoenix and had a chance at a second on the Bristol dirt but came up short after wrecking race leader Tyler Reddick and knocking both cars out of contention on the final lap. After the race, the 27-year-old driver apologized and accepted responsibility for the incident.

Despite a tough finish for the Richard Childress Racing driver, who was just yards from his first-ever Cup win, the overwhelming sentiment was the Stewart-Haas Racing driver made a mistake driving into the corner too hard. This past week before Talladega, one fan still held tremendous resentment for the late-race incident at Bristol and wished harm on Briscoe at the superspeedway. After getting caught up in an accident with a couple of hard hits early in the first stage, the driver responded to the fan.

Chase Briscoe wrecks Tyler Reddick at Bristol

Chase Briscoe and Tyler Reddick are both known for their dirt skills. With those backgrounds, fans were treated to a thrilling finish on the Bristol dirt as the No. 14 closed a sizeable gap between he and Reddick late. When the white flag waved, the SHR driver found himself in a position to make a move for the lead and the win.

Heading into Turn 3, Briscoe did just that, diving down underneath the No. 8 car. Unfortunately, he carried too much speed, slid up the track into the side of Reddick, and sent both cars for a spin. 

The RCR driver made a complete 360 and hit the gas but came up just short to Kyle Busch in a sprint to the finish line.

After the race, Briscoe accepted responsibility for the move gone wrong during an apology to Reddick on pit road.   

Fan wishes harm on driver at Talladega

While Reddick’s camp admittedly had hurt feelings for a few days, everyone eventually moved on and refocused on the race at Talladega. Chase Briscoe did the same. 

Unfortunately, one of Reddick’s supporters did not. On Saturday, the fan responded to a behind-the-scenes video at Bristol that SHR had produced and didn’t hide what he hoped would happen to Briscoe at the 2.66-mile track.

“One day to go Chase, getting nervous??,” the fan wrote. “Better check your mirrors at Talladega and pray payback isn’t coming. I’m not picky, on your lid, in the catch fence, straight into the wall. It all works for me!!” 

The comment ended with an ambulance emoji sandwiched between a pair of flashing red lights.  

Briscoe responds to fan after hard hits at Talladega

On Sunday, Briscoe was involved in a nasty accident with four laps to go in the first stage when Daniel Hemric slowed down, and went down onto the apron before shooting back up the track. The No. 16 car slammed into Briscoe’s left front, which turned him up the track, and he was then hit hard on the right front by Chris Buescher. 

Briscoe tweeted later, updating his condition after the accident.

“Big wreck, all good just sore,” he wrote. “Thanks everyone for checking in on me.”  

Several minutes later, the driver then responded to the fan’s malicious comments.

“Got your wish,” Briscoe replied. 

“Yes, that was nice to see,” the fan replied. “But it still doesn’t make up for what you did to Tyler. If he never wins a Cup race, you will be the reason why. And I don’t know how you can sleep at night knowing that. I have no respect for you and hope you never win another Cup race!!!”

“Sorry it affected you that much,” Briscoe answered. “Let me know if you want a signed hat for all the heartache I created for you.”

“You send me a signed hat and I’ll reconsider the kind of guy you are,” the fan replied.

Briscoe didn’t respond but several other fans did on his behalf, pointing out the absurdity of the fan’s admission and willingness to change his mind from wishing harm on a driver based solely on receiving a signed hat.

Fan is short for fanatic. Chase Briscoe unfortunately found out this week just how fanatical some fans can be.

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