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Colin Cowherd is no stranger to drumming up controversy. From calling Dak Prescott a backup tight end in the NFL to arguing Jim Harbaugh had a better coaching resume than Nick Saban, the Fox Sports television and radio host isn’t afraid to go out on a limb with a take.

But Cowherd’s latest suggestion regarding Patrick Mahomes‘ health ahead of this weekend’s AFC Championship game might just be his worst yet.

Patrick Mahomes could miss the AFC Championship game

The Kansas City Chiefs are back in the AFC Championship game for the third consecutive season. Led by backup quarterback Chad Henne down the stretch, the Chiefs squeaked by the Cleveland Browns, 22-17, after Patrick Mahomes left the game in the third quarter.

Mahomes headed to the locker room after suffering what appeared to be a head injury sustained on a hard hit from Browns LB Mack Wilson. Mahomes was unable to return to the game Sunday, and now his availability for this weekend is up in the air.

Because of the nature of Mahomes’ injury, the reigning Super Bowl MVP will have to pass the NFL’s concussion protocol before he can be cleared to play against the Buffalo Bills this Sunday. Obviously, the Chiefs will do everything in their power to ensure their franchise quarterback is on the field for their most important game of the season, but they can’t cheat the system.

If Mahomes doesn’t pass the concussion protocol this week, he won’t be able to play in the AFC Championship. Simple as that. No counter-arguments. Well, unless you’re Colin Cowherd, apparently.

Colin Cowherd suggests the NFL should postpone the AFC Championship

Ever since Mahomes left Sunday’s game looking woozy, all media pundits across the sports landscape have talked about is the QB’s chances to play in the AFC Championship. Will he clear the NFL’s concussion protocol in time? If he plays, will he be as effective as normal? Do the Chiefs have any chance of beating the Bills if Mahomes can’t suit up?

But Colin Cowherd of Fox Sports took his take a step further. During his most recent show on FS1, Cowherd made an outlandish plea for the NFL to postpone the AFC Championship until Mahomes is fully cleared to play.

“We want Mahomes against Josh Allen. That’s reasonable,” Cowherd said on The Herd Tuesday. “I’m sitting here this morning and I’m thinking, if I’m the NFL, Patrick Mahomes is going through protocol. I find the day that Patrick Mahomes can play. That’s when we play. Why not?”

Why Colin Cowherd’s outlandish plea is unrealistic


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As much as the NFL is rooting for Patrick Mahomes to play this weekend, Roger Goodell simply can’t bend the rules for any specific player. That includes the former MVP and face of the league in 2021.

If we’re making special exceptions for one team or one player, we’ll have to do the same for every remaining team in the playoffs. Injuries are just apart of football. If you can’t play, you can’t play. Patrick Mahomes will be treated the same as the Chiefs’ third-string defensive tackle if he was in the same situation.