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Denny Hamlin at Duels

Denny Hamlin Shockingly Reveals Michael Jordan and Bubba Wallace Narrowly Escaped Serious Injury in Myatt Snider’s Violent Xfinity Series Crash at Daytona

Denny Hamlin revealed on Xfinity Series broadcast that 23XI Racing co-owner Michael Jordan and driver Bubba Wallace narrowly escaped injury in Myatt Snider's violent last-lap crash at Daytona.

Denny Hamlin had a unique view of the 2022 season-opening Xfinity Series race at Daytona, working up in the booth as a race analyst for Fox. What he saw was an exciting race that unsurprisingly came down to the last lap and ended in a fiery violent crash with Myatt Snider going up high into the fence.

Meanwhile, down by the track, Hamlin’s 23XI Racing co-owner Michael Jordan and driver Bubba Wallace were sitting trackside right where the crash happened. Based on photographs, both were fortunate to not be seriously injured. 

Denny Hamlin works with Fox for Xfinity Series race at Daytona

On Saturday, Denny Hamlin worked up in the Fox broadcast booth for the first time at Daytona during the Xfinity Series race. The three-time Daytona 500 winner admitted it was a great perspective and even nicer to not have to stress about racing.

Hamlin, along with Adam Alexander and Chad Knaus, watched an entertaining race that came down to the last lap as is often the case at Daytona. And unfortunately, the final trip around the 2.5-mile track also included another common element on last laps at the World Center of Racing — a nasty crash. 

As the huge pack of cars made a final dash toward the checkered flag, multiple cars shuffled around, trying to improve position. That’s when disaster struck. Out of the large group of cars, the No. 2 car of Myatt Snider got turned and immediately elevated off the ground backwards, rising up above the cars and violently slamming into the catch fence, erupting into flames as the pack of cars zipped by. 

It was a terrifying scene as Alexander tried to calmly describe the action, which incidentally included NASCAR declaring rookie Austin Hill as the winner under caution.

Thankfully, Snider walked away without serious injury.

Hamlin reveals that Michael Jordan and Bubba Wallace were near crash scene and avoided injury

Moments later, when returning from a commercial, the broadcast first showed a group of people milling about outside of the fence where the accident happened, and then transitioned up to the broadcast booth, where Hamlin provided some disturbing information about his 23XI Racing co-owner Michael Jordan and driver, Bubba Wallace.

“You can see Michael right there, him and his whole crew,” Hamlin said as the cameras showed Jordan and Wallace talking to each other outside of the missing fence while Daytona officials gathered around. “They said they’ve got debris in their area. So, it’s crazy. He’s been here since Thursday. He’s a big race fan. He loves watching these races. He said it was the sound and the wreck itself was just crazy when it came into his area.” 

Large piece of Snider’s car lodges in bus


Denny Hamlin Embarrasses Himself When Routine Pit Stop in Duels Race Turns Disastrous

While Hamlin was relaying information from the scene when talking about it on the broadcast, that changed a short time later. He provided an update on Twitter that included an incredible photo with a description.

“Front suspension landed in the grill of the bus,” Hamlin wrote, followed by an emoji with big eyes and red cheeks. 

Wallace also took to Twitter and provided his frightening perspective from the scene, which showed a couple photos of the fence, including one with the fuel opening for the car lodged inside it. 

“Glad @MyattSnider is okay! Crazy wreck right in front of us. Scary stuff,” the driver wrote.

Fortunately, for all involved, there were no injuries. But it was a stark reminder of the dangers that the drivers, and sometimes fans face when cars are whizzing around a track of speeds nearing 200 miles per hour.

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